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Navigator for events during 14–20 September 2020

Aiste Lehmann
Sep 11 · 7 min read
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It’s a sweet problem to have: there are too many amazing tech events currently happening that it would be possible to fit all personal want-to-attend list into 10-ish event recommendations for a week.

While autumn event season traditionally was always very active, this year it is particularly busy. Main culprit for that is, of course, the coronavirus, which forced wave of cancellations and event rescheduling. I call it The Great Event Migration, and its full impact have to be seen yet.

The current situation makes one ancient axiom very obvious again: event search is a huge problem that hasn’t been cracked yet. Yes, I can filter events from re:event database based on dates, cities or countries (“continent” option coming soon!) and specific keywords, but there is no piece of data or code that can tell me which events will be interesting or an enjoyable experience.

That being said, I would love to hear from you: What causes that particular feeling “I want to be part of this event”? When is the moment that switches from mundane “it is my duty/work to be at this conference” to excited “I am looking forward to it”?

My DMs are open here, here and here.

In the mean time, enjoy the exquisite selection of tech events for the next week.

TechCrunch Disrupt

When: 2020 September 14–18
Access: $45 — $445
Type: online conference

TechCrunch Disrupt is five days of non-stop online programming with two big focuses: founders and investors shaping the future of disruptive technology and ideas and startup experts providing insights to entrepreneurs. It’s where hundreds of startups across a variety of categories tell their stories to the 10,000 attendees from all around the world. It’s the ultimate Silicon Valley experience where the leaders of the startup world gather to ask questions, make connections and be inspired. TechCrunch Disrupt is a must-attend event for all startup founders and VCs that happens annually in San Francisco, featuring their iconic Startup Battlefield pitch competition. Now, thanks to the “new normal”, it is not necessary to take a 12-hour long trans-Atlantic (or trans-Pacific) flight to get there — everyone can join in online!

🍂 Finovate Fall

When: 2020 September 14–18
Access: $895 — $1,095
Type: online conference

Fintech innovation doesn’t wait and you shouldn’t have to either. Event program works around international attendees: sessions are spread across 5 days so that content is more manageable for digital consumption, online networking and a socially engaged digital experience, as well 30+ product demos. The future of finance is digital. And the future of Finovate is too — it has pledged to never run an offline-only event again. P.S. If you work in fintech, it is possible to buy combined Finnovate Fall and Finnovate West ticket for just $200 additionally.

🐱‍👤 The BAD Conference

When: 2020 September 15
Access: $149 — $596
Type: online conference

It is difficult to not mention an event that proudly call itself The BAD Conference. I love good acronyms and word games, so it is pleasure to know that BAD stands for Behaviour And Design. Shortly, the conference will webcast some of the world’s leading UX Psychologists and Researchers direct to your home, to talk about implementation of Behavioural Psychology into User Research and Design. It is small niche event for people with a specific interest in UX, and if you are one of them — please give it a chance! And let me know how it was 😇

🍃 ICT Spring Europe

When: 2020 September 15–17
Access: €0 — €700 + VAT &fees
Type: hybrid conference
Place: Luxembourg, Luxembourg

One of the culprits for overly busy event season in the autumn. ICT Spring has been rescheduled twice due to COVID-19, and finally settled for a date in mid-September. The good part is that it still has an option for in-person gathering, hidden under VIP ticket category. ICT Spring is a global tech conference hosting an array of international professionals, currently counting 5,000 from 72 countries. It offers the participants a unique opportunity to deepen their AI knowledge, capture the value of the fast-growing FinTech, drive innovation in the Supply Chain industry, pierce the secrets of IT Security and explore the impact of Space technologies on terrestrial businesses.

🧠 BrainBar Conference

When: 2020 September 15–17
Access: free
Type: online conference

Brain Bar hosts the biggest European festival on the future annually in Budapest which is also moving online this year. It is also one of the events in my personal wish list as it promises to find the most interesting ideas from different fields and bring them together. Diversity is key for inspiration: that is why there is an extensive offer of a wide variety topics from business to parenting, from art to technology, from politics to food. Brain Bar gives a spotlight to visionaries, not celebrities. Intellectual surprises drive inspiration, right?

💚 GreenTech Festival

When: 2020 September 16–18
Access: free — €229.68
Type: hybrid conference
Place: Berlin, Germany

One of the few hybrid events in this season. Co-founded by Nico Rosberg, Formula 1 champion, it says “Because climate change doesn’t take a break”. Event is dedicated to all things related to environment, climate change, sustainability and green tech, and welcomes visitors from all over the world with acclaimed speakers, top exhibitors and a star-studded awards gala for selected few: infinite possibilities for three days in Berlin.

🎙️ The Reeperbahn Festival Conference

When: 2020 September 16–19
Access: €21.92 — €249.20
Type: hybrid music festival
Place: Hamburg, Germany

Well, I am certainly jealous of people in Hamburg (or those who can travel there fast enough to be there on time!) for having this hybrid music festival and conference. It is Germany’s largest music platform for the music and digital industry. The Reeperbahn Festival Conference offers industry professionals a programme that includes more than 300 sessions, networking events, meetings, showcases, and awards shows. And the topics range from everything related to music industry, entrepreneurship, global tech trends and politics. Check their programme, you won’t be disappointed.

🔥 TechBBQ

When: 2020 September 17–18
Access: €49 — €149
Type: online conference

TechBBQ is a must-attend event for Nordic startup ecosystem, and it is all about sharing. Sharing success stories. Sharing learnings from failures. Sharing a good time. The topics are more relevant than ever, ranging from mental health to sustainable food choices, marketing strategies in current times to inclusion in hiring practices, and event organizers have gotten on-board some of the brightest minds in the industry today. Join in to experience world-class stage content, networking, and hygge — from the comfort of your homes!

🚀 2030 Movement: Tech Trends Fad vs Future

When: 2020 September 17, 11:00 BST
Access: free
Type: online session

The innovation and adoption of new technologies have never been faster. Each new technology brings with it an ecosystem of new apps, experiences, and innovations, so overwhelming that it can sometimes be close to impossible to keep up. Similarly, tech is growing prevalent in and disrupting all aspects in so many different industries; healthtech, edtech, biotech, adtech — the list goes on and on. However, there is also an unhealthy fascination with every cool and shiny tech, and it is hard to distinguish the winner from the overflowing pool and identify what will pass and become obsolete in a year or so. Join The 2030 Movement panel discussion as experts discuss what technologies will still be relevant in 2030, and which are just the latest fad. This event is part of The 2030 Movement, — head there to see the full schedule of events during 14–19 September 2020.

📰 Accelerated Change: Media

When: 2020 September 17, 15:00 BST
Access: free
Type: online session

Since the beginning of the COVID-19, the spread of information about the pandemic has been much faster than the virus itself. Facebook labeled nearly 50 million pieces of news about COVID-19 as misinformation in April, while Twitter marked more than 1.5 million users for spreading false information and displaying manipulative behaviors. How has the COVID-19 influenced and changed the media industry? What challenges it has faced and what trends to expect at the end of 2020 — beginning of 2021? What is the creative approach to managing media nowadays? Join this session to find out.

💬 Inspired AI Episode I: Delivering AI Ethically & Equitably

When: 2020 September 17, 15:00 CET
Access: €249 — €1500 + VAT (inlc. all 9 events in the series)
Type: online session

Inspired AI is a series of 9 events during September — November 2020, each focused on a different topic. Episode 1 kicks out whole series by asking questions: Can AI solve inequality? Who should govern machine intelligence? How can we scale AI with trust and transparency? Join Rediet Abebe, Founder of Black in AI, Rudy van Belkom, Futures Researcher, Roya Mahboob, CEO of Digital Citizen Fund, and many more seeking for answers to these hard questions.

🎲 TOA Masterclass on Gamification in Business

When: 2020 September 17, 17:00 CEST
Access: free
Type: online masterclass

This is amazing news: Tech Open Air, one of the best startup festivals from Berlin, is organizing TOA Skill Exchange masterclass sessions. Did you ever ask yourself, what games and business have in common? How can we unleash the power of gaming and e-sports in business and how to be the winner? Jasmin Deniz Karatas (Health/Pharma), Séverine Steiner (Sustainability) and Kevin Schepanski (Diversity in Tech) will give you their view on gaming, business and nerds.

Shoutout to Techsylvania, a premium startup event at the birthplace of Dracula that will take place on 22–23 September 2020. I have given my word to visit it in person in 2021, but in the mean time we all can get a bit of taste of it online. 🦇

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