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Aiste Lehmann
Oct 2 · 6 min read
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Do you feel seen these days? Not in the way of an occasional spotlight if you are holding a speech or in the daily video calls with the team, asking this from a perspective of an attendee. Do you feel seen as an attendee at an online event?

I certainly became aware of my own anonymity during those conferences. One exists as one of hundreds, sometimes thousands profiles on a platform, an occasional chat message that is largely ignored, or as an awkward attempt to reach out to another, similarly near-anonymous attendee.

In most cases, it is close to impossible to know who from your friends (or friendly business connections) are also attending the same event. For better or worse, most event platforms avoid scanning friend lists through social media and only display the relevant links on your profile.

What a sharp contrast compared with a walk in the physical conference venue. Nearly in a split of a second we are able to assess who is there, where are the points of interest, and how to make the best of our time at the event.

Online events are a bit like online shopping. Functional. Convenient. Amazing if you know exactly what you want. But somehow stripped to the bare minimum. Data point in the wast online world.

We are still focused too much on the “tech” and pay too less attention to the “social”. And in those multi-thousand viewer online events we are mostly just anonymous attendees.

On the brighter side, we are living in a time of rapid innovation. There are amazing connections being made and shared experiences created despite current shortcomings of available tools. Don’t miss on them! Check the recommended events below, grab those opportunities and click this link to add them to your calendar.

🍲 TechSauce

When: 2020 October 05–08
Access: $141
Format: hybrid
Place: Bangkok, Thailand

The Techsauce Global Summit 2020 boasts 100+ sessions and 12 stages, and numerous workshops that cover all aspects of the industry, and exclusive business matching opportunities coming together as the most comprehensive conference yet. 2020 special edition is dedicated to topic “Evolving Stronger” and puts a highlight on the Asian startup ecosystem.

🧑‍💻 WeAreDevelopers Live Week

When: 2020 October 05–09
Access: free
Format: online
Place: Berlin, Germany

One of the best developer conferences in Europe is bringing the best content with their second edition of the WeAreDevelopers Live Week. WeAreDevelopers have a warm spot in my heart as it was one of the first tech conferences that started offering childcare services for attending parents, and the organizers keep that caring attitude for the online edition of event as well. If you are developer, this event is a must on your schedule. For 5 days, WeAreDevelopers will stream 5 tracks, consisting of hyper-focused coding sessions, hands-on workshops and live Q&A sessions to help take your skills to the next level.

🐺 WOLVES Summit Live

When: 2020 October 05–07
Access: free for startups, €99 (online) or €499 +VAT for investors
Format: hybrid
Place: Warsaw, Poland

Wolves Summit is a well established event in CEE with a particular focus on matchmaking between startups and investors. This year the event is hybrid, allowing participation for startups for free while investors and corporates are being asked to pay €99 for online access or €499 +VAT for in person participation. On-site tickets are limited due to coronavirus measures. Join and enjoy this 3-day event full of private meetings, evening networking events and actionable insights.

Fast Company Innovation Festival

When: 2020 October 05–09
Access: $79 — $599
Format: online
Place: New York, USA

The first-ever virtual Fast Company Innovation Festival will be an immersive multisession online experience convening thousands of makers and innovators from across the globe for five days of inspiration, connection and meaningful takeaways. Under the theme of “Innovation for Good,” this year’s #FCFestival will shine its lens on the innovative companies, leaders, strategies, and trends helping build a truly better tomorrow. Fun fact: tickets include 1 year subscription to Fast Company.

🦾 WaiTalk “Shaping AI For Good”

When: 2020 October 05, 17:30 BST
Access: free
Type: hybrid session
Place: Linz, Austria

This Upper Austrian WAI talk will focus on the challenges and opportunities arising from AI for our society, and will address questions of social, economic and political nature, identifying ways to mitigate the dangers which may come with this new technology and opportunities to use AI as a tool to create a better future. With two expert talks by Katrin Strasser, Machine Learning Expert at, Karin Bruckmüller, Professor for Criminal Law at JKU, and a panel discussion, everyone is invited to explore these challenges. The available seats for in-person event are limited to 50.

🏜 South Summit

When: 2020 October 06–08
Access: free
Format: online
Place: Madrid, Spain

Some events are clearly winners during coronavirus times. South Summit can be one of them — it proudly claims to be 100 times bigger and more amusing. South Summit has become a global benchmark of innovation where each year the 100 most innovative startups compete. The startups and the stellar speakers are definitely a very convincing point for tuning into this conference.

🔥 Startup Capital 2 by Tech BBQ

When: 2020 October 07, 10:00 UTC+2
Access: €49 — €700
Format: online matchmaking event
Place: Copenhagen, Denmark

TechBBQ will host the second edition of their online matchmaking event — Startup Capital 2. This event connects pre-seed, seed-stage, and series-A startups with international investors through virtually facilitated matchmaking activities. Startup Capital will link together 50 Global VC Fund and 50 Nordic and Baltic startups in a 4-hour session. Join the event to exchange financing and knowledge flows.

🎨 Forward Festival

When: 2020 October 08–09
Access: €45 — €155.83
Format: hybrid
Place: Vienna, Austria

Forward is a design, creativity and communication festival in Vienna, and it is all about connecting, exchanging and being part of an exciting experience. Within six years, the festival has become a platform for the entire creative industry and this year it’s about to be more interactive than ever before, because for the first time ever Forward Festival is going to be hybrid! While the in-person tickets seem to be sold out, the livestreaming is available and accessible from any corner of the world. Tickets give access to talks by 20+ creatives , side program for up to 7 days after the festival, and a free real Goodie Bag (within the EU).

🕵 Reflect Festival

When: 2020 October 08–10
Access: €49 — €1500
Format: online
Place: Limassol, Cyprus

Reflect is a future casting festival for those who want to shape the future even from their living room. With roots in Cyprus, reaching way beyond, this event will connect business people, corporates, startups, academia, entrepreneurs, students, and tech & science enthusiasts. The 3-day program will paint a holistic picture of our severely disrupted future, be it technological advancements, next steps after the crisis, or the environment around us. Fun fact: if you buy 1 Reflect ticket, you can bring a friend for free!

🤺 IT Arena

When: 2020 October 08–10
Access: $49 — $199
Format: online
Place: Lviv, Ukraine

IT Arena is a tech event with a global outlook and scale, which in 2020 takes place online, streaming from the city of Lviv, Ukraine. Productive networking, business matchmaking, and festival spirit are IT Arena trademarks. Three intensive conference days to get to know Ukrainian startup ecosystem, to catalyze exponential growth and inspire new solutions and business ideas.

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