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Navigator for events during 19–25 October 2020

Aiste Lehmann
Oct 16 · 5 min read
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We have been talking a lot about virtual events since the lockdowns began, and one thing is clear: we looove to hate them.

Few days ago Gil Dibner tweeted “Jeez. I don’t even want to attend the virtual events I’ve paid for.” and it really rung the bell. Hell, sometimes it feels that I’d skip an online event even if someone paid me to attend.

They are that tiring.

They are abundant. They take your attention away from your work and still keep you glued on the screen.

And there is one more aspect that makes them quite different from their in-person ancestors: lack of FOMO. One can go on for weeks without attending any virtual conference, and still not feel like they are missing out on something.

But here is a thing… If those events did not matter at all, we would not hate them. We would shrug them off and keep on doing something else. But we can’t. We continue complaining in hopes someone will make a sense of all that noise, listen to all those people screaming “we have a problem” and suddenly somehow will produce a magic solution for it.

After all, we love events.

So, if you love to hate virtual events, check our selection below. There are some fun things happening all over the world. Oh, and if you a tired of reading, you can simply add re:compass calendar to yours.

🧊 Arctic15

When: 2020 October 19–21
Access: €92.25 — €194.25
Format: online matchmaking
Place: Helsinki, Finland

Arctic15 is a meeting spot for startup entrepreneurs, investors, corporates and media from 60+ countries. This year is special — for everyone. The business opportunities are rising in unexpected places once you embrace current challenges. Building trust is essential to close any new deal and it is harder now as the parties are not able to meet face-to-face. This online startup event connects people through Arctic15 traditional matchmaking and networking focused mindset and welcomes everyone who supports innovation and entrepreneurship to be part of it.

💥 Business Insider Global Trends Festival

When: 2020 October 19–23
Access: $125 — $980 (use TOA_BIGTF for 50% off Early Bird)
Format: online conference
Place: N/A

Business Insider Global Trends Festival is all about exhibiting the most promising and transformative trends. Learn how the top executives from across the globe are dealing with the challenges of today and tomorrow. The event will host world class speakers like Reed Hastings, CEO & Co-founder of Netflix, Markus Duesmann, CEO of Audi, Adena T. Friedman, CEO of NASDAQ, Inc. and Panos Panay, CPO of Microsoft, just to mention a few. Get 50% off on the current Early Bird ticket price by using code: TOA_BIGTF.

🧙 Wonderland AI

When: 2020 October 19–23
Access: €0 — €50
Format: online conference
Place: Belgrade, Serbia

Wonderland AI is 4-Day Bootcamp, Keynote Day and World AI panel led by major experts on the world’s artificial intelligence scene, directed from Belgrade, Serbia. Learn about the latest AI trends, deepen practical skills and connect with the most important AI decision-makers during this event. Join other business leaders, data practitioners and worldwide AI enthusiasts, and feel the spirit of innovation.

⛰️ Techstars Startup Week Online

When: 2020 October 19–23
Access: free
Format: online series of events
Hartford, USA

Techstars, along with Launc[H], will be hosting five days worth of free events and webinars on October 19–23 to celebrate the Hartford startup community and opportunities for entrepreneurs. Techstars Startup Week Hartford is a celebration of the region’s innovation and startup ecosystem. Get to know the community, and learn from and connect with entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, investors, and other innovation leaders.

🤝 Next Round Investment Conference

When: 2020 October 20–21
Access: free
Format: online conference
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Next Round Investment Conference is an exclusive networking event and a strategic & dealmaking gathering of startups, business angels, venture & innovation leaders from Central East Europe. The conference is a premier startup event attracting an aggregate investor potential of 2+ Billion Euro. This year it is a 100% online event and free to attend for registered investors, startups and guests.

🦾 Turing Fest

When: 2020 October 20 — December 10
Access: £149
Format: online series of events
Edinburgh, UK

Turing Fest | Build. Grow. Lead. Instead of two day conference Turing Fest opts to become an eight week undertaking, covering different topics each week. Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, some of the most inspiring speakers and leaders from incredible tech businesses around the world will be joining us online and sharing their lessons learned, and practical advice for building, growing and leading successful tech businesses. Join the event to foster interdisciplinary learning and networking.

🗣️ Innovation Pitch October

When: 2020 October 20, 18:00 UTC+1
Access: free
Format: online pitch
Place: London, UK

Innovation Pitch showcases Imperial College London’s leading enterprising talent. This event invites investors, alumni, staff and students to enjoy pitches from Imperial student teams from across College. For these teams, it’s a chance to receive helpful scrutiny and consideration of their innovations.

💸 The new way to raise capital for your business: agile funding

When: 2020 October 21, 15:00 BST
Access: free
Format: online session
Place: London, UK

The way that founders are raising funds for their companies these days is fundamentally changing. The Covid-19 pandemic has altered the way investors plan for the future, and it’s taking longer for founders to secure investment. Meanwhile, the rise of technology-enabled fundraising is making the startup investment process cheaper and easier than ever before. There is an emerging trend for “agile fundraising”: smaller, more frequent investments are replacing 12–18 month go-big-or-go-bust funding rounds. Join Paul Grant from the Funding Game, and Isabella Ghassemi-Smith from SeedLegals to find out how founders are raising four times as frequently as they used to.

🐝 Sting Day 2020

When: 2020 October 22
Access: free
Type: online session
Place: Stockholm, Sweden

Live from Munich, London and New York, Sting Day brings together the most driven entrepreneurs, the brightest investors and the most interesting industry profiles to help build the global companies of tomorrow. In the Stockholm studio, Swedish entrepreneurs and investors will share their biggest news and learnings from the latest developments in their companies. Sign up for an all-digital Sting Day to get live reports and pitches from experienced investors and entrepreneurs from Stockholm and around the world!

🦇 BlockDown 3.0 — Halloween Edition

When: 2020 October 22–23
Access: free
Type: online conference
Place: London, UK

BlockDown returns October 22–23 for a Halloween spooktacular that promises to be the best virtual conference yet. No tricks, just treats! For BlockDown 3.0, organisers EAK Digital have a host of the blockchain world’s biggest and brightest stars lined up to deliver ground-breaking keynotes and spark informed and fierce debate on the industry, while mastermind sessions, fireside chats and extensive networking will also make a return.

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