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Aiste Lehmann
Oct 30 · 6 min read
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Everything we do online, we do intentionally. And it is very tiring.

Just think about this: at virtual event absolutely nothing will happen if you will not click on a button, follow a link or type something in a chat window. And the worst thing is that you need to be absolutely certain of what you are looking for in order to find it. Serendipity is not a function of online world.

Online world is convenient. Or it is supposed to be. Everything seems to be at your reach, if you know what you are looking for and how to find it. Well, if not, you are lost.

The “finding” aspect might be something virtual events would want to focus on. Just providing content online is not enough, especially if people are running your content sessions as a background noise. Just listing attendee profiles is not enough if there is no easy way to narrow down this list to 30–60 people. Just enabling random networking option is not enough if one simply can’t find interesting connections there.

There are growing sentiments to engage virtual AI assistants that would attend online events instead of real people and only ping their owners if they find something interesting. That’s how much people hate spending time intentionally in those conferences.

But we still want the convenience of events for relationship building and business growth even without being directly “in” them. Hopefully some solutions will emerge fast.

🧱 Berlin Science Week

When: 2020 November 01–10
Access: mostly free
Format: hybrid conference
Place: Berlin, Germany

Berlin at the beginning of November is the place to be for everyone with a keen interest in science and entrepreneurship. For the first time, the events of Berlin Science Week and the Falling Walls Conference will meet on a digital platform under the joint term ‘World Science Summit’ to express this new global accessibility for the future, and also to show appreciation for new partners across the globe. 500+ speakers, 200+ sessions, 1 digital platform with live-streamed breakthroughs, expert panels, workshops and lectures — with a daily science highlight programme at noon GMT. Let’s meet the brightest minds on the planet virtually in Berlin this year!

🌵 Kaktus

When: 2020 November 03–05
Access: €110 — €220
Format: online conference & awards
Place: Belgrade, Serbia

Designed for Serbia, suitable for everyone with a keen interest in communication ideas. The sixth edition of Kaktus — festival of integrated communications is held under the slogan “Unique In Being Different”. The emphasis of the festival is on people who work in the advertising industry and build it every day focusing on those campaigns and projects that go beyond the obvious and, despite the difficult conditions, inspire and connect with their audience. Plus, the speakers are very international and include such names as Bruno Luglio, Creative Director at Spotify, Santi Urso, Creative & Art Director at Saatchi & Saatchi, Dimitris Tsoutsos, Head of Strategy at Publicis Groupe, and there will be awards!

🚖 Autonomy

When: 2020 November 04–05
Access: free
Format: online conference
Place: Paris, France

Autonomy is a B2B and B2G conference and platform that brings together all the players involved in sustainable and intelligent mobility. Autonomy is where innovators, startups and large groups gather every year to promote their solutions to transport operators, elected officials, cities, investors and the media. Despite the COVID-19 crisis, restricted travel and reduced events budgets mobility industry still wants to do business. communicate and network, but are being impeded by , Autonomy 2020 brings a high value offer at a lower cost of participation. And thus Autonomy 2020 brings exhibition stands, product demonstrations, the Industry Talks conference program, the Funding the Movement pitch program and a high-tech business meetings platform, for everyone to engage with corporates, policymakers, VCs and startups from every corner of the world.

✖️ VRDays Europe

When: 2020 November 04–06
Access: €0 — €199
Format: virtual & hybrid conference
Place: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Oh boy, VRDays intend to be the “most immersive event of 2020” and the programme certainly sounds promising: Live streaming and hybrid conference for up to 200 lucky ones, Church of VR in VR, immersive funding market in Zoom, a printed magazine, and 6 satellite events. Don’t miss it during this 3-day conference and exhibition on Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality content, creativity and innovation. The 2020 New Horizons Edition will explore how immersive technologies shape the world of tomorrow.

💱 The Future of Digital Assets

When: 2020 November 04, 10:00 GMT
Access: free
Format: online session

Money Next is inviting to join their (un)webinar to discuss “How are Digital Assets Reshaping the Future of Payments and Wealth Management?” This free-to-join session promotes active engagement of participants and will cover following topics: Is the hype surrounding digital assets justified or exaggerated? Will digital assets fundamentally transform the way we store and transfer value? Is Bitcoin still the future or will emerging trends like DeFi and stablecoins take the spotlight?

🧩 Giving Equity to Employees: Who, When & How Much?

When: 2020 November 05, 14:00 GMT
Access: free
Format: online session
Place: London, UK

Looking to give equity to your employees? Great — but, it’s more complicated than just giving away shares. The best way to give shares to your team is to set up a share option scheme, which can be pretty complicated. SeedLegals are here to help to decide which route is best for your business and answer the most pressing questions.

☄️ Innovation Space — Startup culture: why it matters and how corporates can adopt it?

When: 2020 November 05, 16:00 UCT
Access: free
Format: online session
Place: Belgrade, Serbia

ICT Hub from Belgrade is organizing an online session with two original shakers and makers of startup ecosystem in Balkans: Elina Zheleva and Max Gurvits. Elina Zheleva is the CEO of launchlabs Sofia, which is an international business (re)design studio with offices in Sofia, Berlin, Basel and Bangalore. Max Gurvits is an entrepreneur, investor and Managing Partner of Vitosha Venture Partners in Sofia. Join this session to discuss about what big companies can learn and adopt from startups, whether there are any obstacles in the process of exchanging experiences and how each company can create, strengthen and support its champions of innovation.

🖱️ TOA Click.Future

When: 2020 November 05, 16:00 CEST
Access: €0 — €79.90
Format: online conference
Place: Berlin, Germany

TOA is launching a new virtual event to deep dive into the future of different industries, trends & influences affecting the world we live in. With 20+ world class speakers, 16+ hours of content and plenty of networking sessions, the TOA Click.Future presents an alluring virtual event vision, where CEOs, Founders & Industry leaders will come together for a series of panels, fireside chats and workshops on a variety of topics like Smart Cities, Electric Mobility, The Future of Work, Sustainability & Climate Change, Food Innovation, AI & Deep Tech, Entrepreneurship, and more! P.S. Event is free for startups and students.

✒️ Webinar: The Rise of Consumer Subscription Software

When: 2020 November 05, 16:00 CET
Access: free
Type: online session
Location: San Francisco, USA

Hosted by GP Bullhound’s San Francisco-based Director Eric Crowley, this webinar will provide qualitative insights into company business models, look into leading CSS companies & CEOs across interesting sub-sectors, and dive into public and private market valuations. Consumer subscription companies and their products continue to integrate into consumers’ daily lives while some CSS companies have benefited substantially from the Covid-19 impact on consumers and businesses across the globe. Session will be joined by Niklas Jansen, Co-Founder & Managing Director of BLINKIST; Nico Wittenborn, Investor & Founder of ADJACENT; and Hatem Fassatoui, Advisor & Growth Strategist to discuss about latest consumer trends.

🔩 How to Web Live Episode #5: Hardware is Hard

When: 2020 November 05, 17:00 EET
Access: free
Type: online session
Location: Bucharest, Romania

A reminder that How to Web has started Live — a series of live interactive conversations between those who are shaping the tech industry. The episode #5 is all about hardware. Hardware is hard, but despite all its barriers, startups have challenged and changed the consumer hardware market in the past decade in many ways. Join Eric Friedman (Co-Founder & CTO at Fitbit) in a live conversation with Camil Moldoveanu (CEO & Co-Founder of Reflex) to find out more about the pains and pitfalls of creating a hardware start-up.

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