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Aiste Lehmann
Nov 6 · 6 min read
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What a week was this... There has not been much space to take a breath between USA elections and second UK lockdown while strict coronavirus control measures have been rolled out all over Europe.

One particular post stood out during this week of extreme anxiety: the map of republican vs democrat voters that switches from represented land to represented population size. Yes, it is not new (first version has been made to give perspective to 2016 USA election outcome) but somehow it struck the right cord now.

This gorgeous example of data visualization makes two things obvious. First, there are much less Trump supporters than the land map leads you to believe. Still neatly split to about the half of population, but it is more of a rural-urban divide than democratic processes being rigged. Second, less obvious point is that republican voters are in a possession of much larger portion of land and associated resources than the democratic population.

Which got me thinking: is there comparable alternative, a similar concept of this divide in the eventscape?

The closest concept in the direction of resources vs people is probably number of registrations vs actual event attendees. We don’t need to go into details why data from event registrations is a resource, right? The question here is: is it comparable to the land in USA election maps?

During the last half year and a bit of online conferencing experiment, there has been regularly observed differences between “marketing numbers” and actual viewer count on the lifestream. It would not a be problem if the differences would be in 20–50% range (which is expected for in-person events) but the reality is that online registration numbers sometimes are 100x over the actual viewer count. And focusing only on registration numbers can provide quite a skewed perception of reality. Frankly, wouldn’t want to be in a shoes of sponsor who finds out that instead of promised 40.000 people only 400 viewers joined the sponsored stream. Yes, some of the missed exposure can be reclaimed by emailing all attendees, but let’s be honest — it is not the same.

Let me know if you come up with other examples. In the mean time, check the event recommendations for the next week below or simply add them directly to your calendar.

🤫 Untold Stories

When: 2020 November 09–10
Access: free
Format: online conference
Place: Budapest, Hungary

Untold Stories Budapest is an annual conference with a focus on the startup ecosystem in CEE region. This year in collaboration with Impact Shakers, Untold Stories will also bring you some sustainability and social entrepreneurship related sessions. Speakers share their untold stories through talks, fireside chats, and breakout sessions, which are designed to be crisp, hands-on and 100% bullshit free.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Digitale Leute Summit

When: 2020 November 09–10
Access: €0 — €36.64
Format: online conference
Place: Cologne, Germany

Build better digital products at this digital event! Digitale Leute Summit is an outstanding networking and professional education event for Software Engineers, Designers, Product- and Digital Managers that focuses on the cross-functional aspects of digital product development. Get deep insights into the tools, tactics, and methods of digital product development and learn how to find unique solutions to the digital challenges.

🎯 Trend Hunter’s Future Festival

When: 2020 November 10–12
Access: $0 — $5,999
Format: online conference
Place: Toronto, Canada

This is the most critical period of change in modern history. Consumers’ preferences are changing by the minute. Join 7,000 of the world’s brightest insight leaders, from Starbucks & Samsung, to Google & NASA, who’ve relied on Future Festival to step back, think big, and spot opportunity with fresh, data-driven insight from the Trend Hunter’s firm which has been navigating chaos since 2008. The best part? You can join this world-class innovation event for free, for the first time in it’s history. Oh, and everyone gets 2021 Trend Report (worth $1,000).

🌍 48FRWD

When: 2020 November 11
Access: €12,82
Format: hybrid conference
Place: Munich, Germany

One of the few remaining hybrid events is inviting to focus on what can be done to create a future we all want to live in during the times of rapid change, dystopia and populism. Two key themes are Society & Politics and Planet & Environment, and everyone is invited to a deep-dive on today’s issues with a dose of optimism.

💬 The Global Boardroom

When: 2020 November 11–13
Access: $0 — $385 + VAT
Format: online conference

Second edition of The FT Global Boardroom in collaboration with TNW under slogan UNLOCKING LOCKDOWN. Timed to follow one of the most important presidential elections in US history, the 2nd edition of the Global Boardroom will gather policy-makers, CEOs, investors and other thought leaders who are stepping up to these unprecedented challenges and driving change around the world. Collaboration will be vital. Join to discuss how the new world emerging from the pandemic can be made resilient, sustainable and inclusive.

🍋 The Big Squeeze

When: 2020 November 12
Access: €65 — €100
Format: online conference
Place: Brussels, Belgium

Your time as a founder of a tech startup is extremely valuable. & created the ultimate time squeezing event which also happens to be a virtual hotspot of the Belgian startup ecosystem. Squeeze your time by meeting all relevant stakeholders, gain new insights from thought leaders and surround yourself with the cream of the crop of the tech startup ecosystem. Happy lemonade making!

Frontiers Health

When: 2020 November 12–13
Access: €207.40 — €610 (use code FH20REV20 for 20% discount)
Format: hybrid conference
Place: Berlin, Germany (+ other hubs)

Frontiers Health has been rethinking hybrid event format for 2020 and will be hosting plenary sessions and breakout sessions in dedicated virtual rooms and in physical locations across Europe (Malta, Barcelona, Berlin, Salerno, Milan, Lausanne, Helsinki) and US (NYC, San Francisco). The conference is dedicated to digital health innovation in the context of the ‘new normal’ focusing on telemedicine, digital therapies, breakthrough technologies, patient-centricity, healthcare transformation, investments and ecosystem development. And to get 20% off ticket prices use code FH20REV20 or click here.

⏭️ What’s NEXT

When: 2020 November 12, 17:00 CEST
Access: free
Format: online session
Place: Berlin, Germany

For the first episode of What’s NEXT second season meet with Matthias Schrader, the founder of SinnerSchrader, which incubated NEXT conference, and now is Head of Accenture Interactive in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. He’ll bring his perspective on the crucial changes he’s seen across Europe and Russia in the last few months, and how he sees them playing out in the years to come.

🚀 Virtual Demo Day by

When: 2020 November 12
Access: free
Format: online pitch/demo day
Place: Dortmund, Germany

Budhist monks with Ph.Ds from Columbia University developing a market crash prediction model, a team from Cambridge University building an ML-driven harmful content detection platform and ex management consultants using AI in turning company databases into an internal search engine. Meet all of cohort teams in the online Demo Day event and connect with hundreds of European business leaders, startup founders and private investors.

🦋 The Transformative Technology Conference 2020

When: 2020 November 13–15
Access: $249 — $375 (15% discount with code TTChapterVIP)
Format: online conference
Place: Palo Alto, USA

The conference where Wellbeing Tech founders, investors, and innovators meet to unlock the future of health, work, and human excellence. This year’s conference is an inflection point — where you’ll discover future opportunities and current cases enabling a radically ambitious goal to make human wellbeing exponential. Accelerating trends driving Wellbeing Tech have only been supercharged by COVID-19 as people and companies revisit how they feel, live and work. It’s a challenging time, but also one for optimism as the social, cultural, and technology shifts make real positive change possible. Plus, there will be a 100 start-up showcase.

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