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Navigator for events during 23–29 November 2020

Aiste Lehmann
Nov 20 · 6 min read
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The random connection feature is a horrible idea,” my friend told couple days ago. We were talking about virtual event tech and possible ways it could develop in the future. Business networking is one of those problems that everyone knows about but none of the gazillion apps and web platforms seem to be able to address it properly. Random networking feature showed some promising signs, especially for people who are using events for sales. But even in agreement for potential benefits my friend was still very much against it.

It still seems too serendipitous to me” he said. And I had to agree with him. What might work for Chatroulette, might not be entirely appropriate in a business setting.

The key difference between serendipitous connections during regular events and random networking button is not a lack of a food bar or a physical handshake, it is a lack of basic security and control we have over the communication process.

We are extremely exposed online. Our electronic profiles usually provide links to social media, key details about business (a must have!) and even properly spelled name, making it very easy to track and harass people without their consent. If you didn’t want to connect with someone during regular conferences you could simply state “I run out of business cards”, “sorry, my phone died” or hide the badge. The way how business events currently operate online is information first and consent second, opening doors to trolls or very persistent spammers to reach out on multiple channels. I personally started receiving confirmations for events I do not remember registering for, not to mention a flood of promotional emails that one receives after some conferences. Manually opting out of each of them is not a lot of fun.

Another aspect that we have lost is the friendly introduction option which was helping to balance mix of people you’d want to have in your circles and equality contribute to your community by choosing to introduce (or not) people for potentially mutual benefit. The friendly introduction circle usually limits the unwanted exposure, e.g. very eager startups have less options to get intro to journalists and investors if they do not make a good impression.

What my friend tried to express with “too serendipitous” statement is essentially a lack of control and safety measures that we are experiencing in the online world. And the solutions will likely be a social innovation instead of a technical one.

🎯 SaaStock APAC

When: 2020 November 23–24, 11:00 GMT+8
Access: $0 — $199
Format: online conference
Place: Sydney, Australia

APAC’s most actionable conference for B2B SaaS founders, executives, and investors is back in an all-new, fully-online format. Join this online conference dedicated to intensive knowledge and networking, all in the name of traction, growth, and scale, and get to know key APAC ecosystem players. Let’s keep on learning, inspiring one another and continue building our companies.

🦾 AI & Big Data Expo Europe

When: 2020 November 23–24
Access: free
Format: online expo
Place: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Next week Amsterdam is hosting a series of co-located online expo events: AI & Big Data, IoT, Blockchain, Cyber Security & Cloud. It is a showcase of next-generation technologies and strategies from the world of Artificial Intelligence & Big Data, an opportunity to explore and discover the practical and successful implementation of emerging technologies in driving forward your business in 2020 and beyond. The event also hosts own startup innovation incubator, which is one more reason to tune in!

⛓️ WIRED Live

When: 2020 November 24, 08:30 GMT
Access: £24 — £46.80
Format: online conference
Place: London, UK

Where the inspirational go to be inspired? The answer seems to be WIRED Live — the inspirational festival bringing the WIRED brand to life with top-level talks from a curated smorgasbord of scientists, artists, innovators, disruptors and influencers. As we settle into a post-COVID world, WIRED Live will retain the rare combination of WIRED’s journalistic eye, diverse programme, and connections with innovators, designers, strategists and entrepreneurs whilst designed to reach our community remotely, around the world.

🍂 Tech Conference Europe (Autumn Edition)

When: 2020 November 24, 10:00 CET
Access: free
Format: online session
Place: Prague, Czech Republic

The event gathers developers, CEOs, managers and compliance experts from several industries and the main focus of the Autumn Edition is AI, Blockchain and Fintech. The experts will touch base on subjects such as financial disruption, financial inclusion, DeFi, cryptocurrency credibility, human-machine ethic, the use of Blockchain and AI in healthcare and the hospitality industry and many more. Join this event to explore the latest insights from the world of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Fintech!

🚣‍♀️ FounderFuel LIVE: Team dynamics with world-record holder Laura Penhaul

When: 2020 November 24, 13:00 GMT
Access: £0 — £16.76
Format: online session
Place: London, UK

Laura Penhaul is the initiator and Team Leader of the Coxless Crew who set two world records in January 2016 by rowing unsupported across the Pacific with three other women. On this journey she learned a lot about team formation, team dynamics and how to set up the effective communications and behaviours that allow teams to succeed together. Laura will be in conversation with weare3Sixty founder Christina, where they’ll be exploring topics such as “how to form a team that can deliver under pressure?” and “how to deal with uncertainty when it really matters?”

⏭️ What’s NEXT

When: 2020 November 24, 17:00 CEST
Access: free
Format: online session
Place: Berlin, Germany

In What’s NEXT episode two Thomas Müller, Global Lead at Accenture Design, will take you on a journey from the past into the future based on his passionate contribution to the book ‘The Great Redesign’.

☯️ (Almost) HYBRID

When: 2020 November 24, 12:00 ET
Access: free
Format: online

Barred from connecting in-person, both audiences and organizations alike have turned to virtual events to connect and grow. It’s now clear that virtual isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. (Almost) HYBRID will unite organizers from around the world to learn best practices and connect with fellow industry professionals who are planning for a hybrid future.

👾 FT Digital Dialogues: Building a Future Ready Business

When: 2020 November 26, 13:00 GMT
Access: free
Format: online session

Digital business is no longer just a vision, it is now a mandate for survival in today’s world. According to Vodafone Business Future Ready Report, businesses that lean into technology and adopt practices of creating new value with data and insights are more resilient and more profitable. A wealth of new data sources provides the opportunity to make better data-driven decisions which, in turn, can transform operational efficiency and improve customer experiences. This FT Digital Dialogues session will explore how businesses can unlock the value of their data and innovate to embrace new opportunities in their journey towards digital transformation.

🎛️ Productized

When: 2020 November 26–27
Access: €3.99 — €14.90
Format: online conference
Place: Lisbon, Portugal

Productized is a product-centered conference where all content is designed to answer the question “how to make amazing products?” Conference has four tracks, dedicate to enterprise product, product discovery, service design and product management. It’s​ a thought leadership event, where participants are stimulated to discover better products with world-class practitioners and speakers.

💕 Sx Tech Lockdown Talks

When: 2020 November 27, 15:00 CET
Access: free
Format: online conference
Place: Berlin, Germany

Sx Tech Lockdown Talks is a virtual event featuring the top sex tech leaders and immersive sex tech remote experiences. Join the event for a day of captivating content from sex tech industry leaders like Satisfyer, LELO, IOBA TOYS, Skirt Club, Lustery, Leda Health, immersive remote experiences with AI robots like Harmony AI and and many more. Three virtual rooms, six panels, Q&A sessions with the speakers, games, workshops and a massive giveaway of sexual wellness products!

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