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Aiste Lehmann
Apr 23 · 5 min read

Broadly speaking, there are two ways for science to interact with startups: it’s either from consumers to labs, either from labs to consumers.

First category is relatively low tech consumer-facing ventures that are able to find market-product fit and grow from there. Think Facebook or Amazon — relatively simple idea, good execution, lots of users that turned them in tech powerhouses with deep tech labs where newest technologies are applied and tested with their user base.

Second one are ventures started by scientists, spin-offs from universities and lab-born technologies in search for practical applications. This is the category that EU is betting their future on, and with a good reasoning — it is increasingly more difficult for European companies to compete with already established global players and their huge customer bases. Instead it can bank on world-class science as the main competitive advantage.

There is only one issue: this approach has double risk loop which, in general, makes failure more likely and more costly. One must face scientific risk as there is no guarantee that undertaken research will result in viable technology which can be deployed in markets. And then there still is a risk to not find the right product-market fit.

EU favoring science-first approach shows quite unexpected risk-taking potential. I’m in love with this. ❤️

P.S. UiPath, a Romanian-born deep tech company is currently making news with their IPO and current market value of $35.8B. High risks, high rewards 😉

👶 FT Live: A New Deal for the Young

When: 26–30 April 2021 at 14:00 BST every day
Access: free
Format: online week

FT Live presents latest NextGen conference while asking: What policies would make the economy work better for today’s youth? Youth is facing the second global crisis in just over a decade while the economic cost of the pandemic has been borne disproportionately by this generation. The FT believes policymakers must now offer a new deal to young people to change this trajectory. FT Live will host a series of free, hour-long, live panel debates in the week of April 26–30, to coincide with the publication of a series of opinion pieces, in which FT writers make the case for specific policies that would make the economy work better for young people.

🦄 ViennaUP’21

When: 27 April — 12 May 2021
Access: varies
Format: online festival

Next week marks start of ViennaUP festival with a series of online events from 27 April to 12 May organized by the community for the community of startups, investors, and talents. Participants from all around the globe have the opportunity to tune in to 100+ events and get involved with smart minds from different industries and branches. Look forward to one of the startup competitions, investor summits, tech for good initiatives and other events such as Salon Vienna#1: „Sh** happens. How to f**ck up your business smoothly. A panel on failure culture and bad decisions.”


When: 27 April 2021
Access: free
Format: online conference

Technoport is a conference dedicated to deep tech startups in Nordics and creation of wider community to support deep tech ecosystem. Technoport 2021 will celebrate some epic and deep tech, all while challenging everyone on how to work together to turn more new tech into successful startups and new industries.

🌌 Deep Tech & University spinouts

When: 28 April 2021, 17:00 CET
Access: free
Format: online session

Dealroom and Sifted will host an event to discuss the future of Deep Tech and University spinouts. Discussion will be covering what “Deep Tech” is and why it matters; the role of government in the deep tech ecosystem; the future of tech sovereignty and intellectual property rights with Nathan Benaich from Air Street Capital, Inga Deakin from Draper Esprit, and Maija Palmer from Sifted.

💸 To raise or not to raise?

When: 28 April 2021, 18:30 CET
Access: free
Format: online session

To raise or not to raise? This question is in all entrepreneurs’ mind at some point. This panel will discuss the pros and cons of venture capital money but also the alternatives together with two French entrepreneurs: Carole Juge-Llewellyn, Founder & CEO at Joone, and Guillaume Moubèche, Cofounder & CEO at Lemlist.

☁️ The promise of open clouds: Faster innovation, faster delivery

When: 28 April 2021, 18:00 BST
Access: free
Format: online session

The latest innovations from the edge to the data center can be quickly brought on-line, and tuned to the exact requirements needed to maintain SLAs. But in making the best decision, you need to ensure three main components for success: the right hardware (the primary instruction set and binary compatibility); the best software stack; and the appropriate network choice. Join this VB Live event to learn more about the benefits of open clouds — and what’s needed to produce the best outcome.

✔️ Extra Crunch Live: Forerunner and Oura

When: 28 April 2021, 19:30 BST
Access: free
Format: online session

Extra Crunch Live session with Forerunner, one of the most successful VC firms in the country, and even though ‘hardware is hard’, they’ve made a big bet on Harpreet Rai and Oura. Hear from partner Eurie Kim and Rai about why they chose each other for the Series B financing and what it takes to be successful in the consumer hardware/health tech space.

🛠️ Founder’s toolkit: Which tools does every startup need?

When: 29 April 2021, 13:30 CEST
Access: free
Format: online session

This Sifted Talks will feature a panel of experts discussing — and debunking — which tools are the most essential for keeping your company running, from financial analytics and accounting to team communication. Join in the panel with Henrique Moniz de Aragão from G2, Julia Morrongiello from Point Nine and Dave Rosenberg from Oracle Netsuite moderated by Michael Stothard from Sifted.

🐟 Don’t Panic! The 42nd Anniversary of ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ Celebration

When: 29 April 2021, 18:30 BST
Access: £15 — £25 + fees
Format: online session

‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ doesn’t need a separate introduction. 42 is the answer, and also a very special anniversary for this book. Hold onto your towel and prepare to discover the answer to life, the universe and everything with Douglas Adams’ friend Richard Dawkins, illustrator Chris Riddell and comedian Robin Ince. Join the event to experience live drawing by Chris Riddell, illustrator of the new 42nd anniversary edition of the novel, and hear reflections from Richard Dawkins on his friendship with Douglas.

🎤 Pitch Karaoke Finals

When: 29 April 2021, 19:00 EST
Access: free
Format: online pitch competition

8 contestants, 8 never-before-seen pitch decks for fictional products and services… what could go wrong? A creative approach to public speaking and demonstration of mind gymnastics as well an opportunity to get in touch with Canadian tech ecosystem.

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