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Navigator for events during 10–16 May 2021

Aiste Lehmann
May 7 · 5 min read

Right about the time I was starting to write next week’s guide, an email hit my inbox. Not a regular promotion campaign, to say the least. Message was from Patrick from TNW, and I rarely read such a long e-mail with so much pleasure.

I can warmly recommend subscribing to TNW newsletters and follow founders on social media. The content they produce is exceptional. But that’s not what I wanted to tell. Patrick sent out a huge announcement: TNW will hold their phenomenal conference this year in HYBRID format! Yes, they have committed to create semi-normalcy by arranging enough space for 4.500 attendees in Amsterdam, health concerns taken into account, of course. They will launch the 2-for-1 ticket deal on Wednesday, May 12, at 11:00 CEST. Don’t miss out — limited capacity etc etc.

There are signs of in-person events returning. Nothing is 100% sure yet, of course, but I’ll be keeping an eye on movements in tech ecosystem. At the moment Vivatech, one of the largest startup events in Europe, is committed to hybrid mode. GreenTech Festival proudly displays their venue information even though Germany still hasn’t relaxed regulations for in-person gatherings. Mobile World Congress and 4YFN have made executive decision to go with hybrid events as well. World Summit AI in Amsterdam is releasing in-person attendee tickets in 250 batches per campaign.

Anyone remembers the article where attempt was made to keep a track of major event cancellations in tech ecosystem? It seems time has come to create a new one: list of events that are returning physical presence. Very much looking forward to this.

⚙️ IoT Solutions Digital Summit

When: 11–12 May 2021, 08:00 CEST
Access: free
Format: online conference

IoT Solutions Digital Summit ventured online (although organizers promise an in-person event this fall) to showcase the game-changing solutions & technologies that are disrupting and transforming industry and celebrate the business and technology executives creating a powerful competitive advantage. IOTSWC 2021 is dedicated to creating a dialog between leaders that are driving powerful digital innovation initiatives and are transforming their industries.

🍋 The Big Squeeze Digital

When: 11 May 2021, 13:00 CEST
Access: €52 — €100
Format: online conference

Tune in on to the Big Squeeze and squeeze your time by gaining new insights from startup experts, be inspired by best practices of thought leaders and discover relevant tools to boost your growth. Your time as a founder of a tech startup is extremely valuable. Startups.be & Scale-Ups.eu created the ultimate time squeezing event. Stop wasting your precious time on figuring it all out yourself!


When: 12–14 May 2021
Access: €0 — €180
Format: online conference

One of the most enthusiastic tech conferences in Eastern Europe and Central Asia will hit the stage next week. Panel discussions with brilliant speakers from top-notch companies, the hottest topics in 2021, various types of interactivity, random networking, jobs board, and much more will be available throughout 3 conference days. Basic ticket is free of charge. Go dive in!

🚘 Extra Crunch Live: Toyota AI Ventures and May Mobility

When: 12 May 2021, 19:30 BST
Access: free
Format: online session

Join Toyota AI Ventures’ Jim Adler and May Mobility’s Nina Grooms Lee and Edwin Olson at this Extra Crunch Live session. It will talk about how Toyota AI Ventures led May’s seed round, and how May went on to raise more than $80 million. Adler, Lee and Olson will also give their live feedback on decks submitted by the audience.

🦾 Codiax 2021

When: 13–14 May 2021
Access: €39 — €59 (discount codes available)
Format: online workshops + conference

The Techsylvania team is hosting the fourth edition of Codiax, the only event in Eastern Europe dedicated exclusively to the Deep Tech phenomenon, which will take place virtually on the Hopin platform. Speakers from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, ML6, Hello Tomorrow, Evidently.AI, Fortune 500 are joining the conference. There are also discount codes for this event! Use ‘TechCodiaxCombo’ (for Combo premium tickets) or ‘TechCodiaxConf’ (for Conference Premium tickets) — first 25 will get a 100% discount, following 25 will get 25% discount using the same codes. Move fast, codes are valid until May 10th!

🧊 LEAP Summit

When: 14–15 May 2021
Access: free
Format: online conference

LEAP is one of key entrepreneurial events in Western Balkan region, supported by the EU. This year’s Summit will be set on three stages: LEAP, GREEN, IDEAS & TECH. Due to the one-that-shall-not-be-named, all talks will be live-streamed this year, covering topics such as e-commerce, sustainability, smart cities, food production, green economy, European Union, entrepreneurship, new technologies and many more. Take a look to their speaker profiles — those include several researchers turned entrepreneurs and even a polar explorer!

🤓 Tech TO: Founders & Funding with Benedict Evans

When: 14 May 2021, 12:00 EST
Access: free
Format: online session

Discover the untold stories about successful fundraising rounds, with firsthand accounts from the people in the room at this fireside chat with Benedict Evans, Venture Partner at Entrepreneur First.

🤔 Why We Make Bad Judgments and What We Can Do About It

When: 16 May 2021, 18:30 BST
Access: £30-£35
Format: online session

Why are humans so bad at making good judgements? Join ground-breaking psychologist Daniel Kahneman and Nudge co-author Cass Sunstein for a guide to a little-known but profoundly important phenomenon: noise. Daniel Kahneman is best known for their international bestsellers Thinking, Fast and Slow and Nudge. This How To session is a unique opportunity to engage in conversation with Kahneman and co-authors of the latest book Noise.

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