4 Surefire Ways To Get The Attention Of Influencers

Loud speaker not required.

Influencer marketing isn’t going anywhere any time soon. In fact, the interest surrounding the field is only continuing to grow. That’s why it’s in any company’s best interest to start building their own affiliate program.

In the meantime, here are 4 tips you need to follow if you want to get the attention of influencers.

1. Stand Out From Your Competitors With Content

Creating great content around your business is one very important way to make influencers notice you. By creating shareable content, you’ll start to get more eyeballs on your brand — not just from your customer niche, but from relevant influencers as well. Having a content-rich marketing strategy will make your business look more appealing compared to a competitor with a bare-bones blog and social media presence.

2. Engage With Them: Share And Comment!

If you’re trying to get an influencer to join your affiliate program, then you need to court them.

Did they just post a new blog? Comment and share it!

Are they posing a question on Twitter? Answer it!

Are they discussing something on Facebook? Continue the conversation by posting a comment that will likely lead to further discussion and engagement!

Any influencers worth their salt will be keeping a close eye on their analytics and will notice a when a company is consistently sharing their work and engaging with them on social media.

3. Sound Like A Human

It goes without saying, but the influencers you’re going after should have an audience that’s relevant to your niche. When you engage in discussions with them, create content, or directly reach out to an influencer you need to sound personable and authentic.

The marketing buzzwords and robotic sales-speak need to be kept in check. When you sound like an actual person, people are more inclined to engage with you and less likely to ignore you.

4. Make It Worth Their While

When you approach an influencer with an offer, you need to make sure you’re both getting value out of it. You may know what your brand can get out of a relationship with a certain influencer, but it may not always be as clear on his or her end.

Do your research and get familiar with what your competitors offer in terms of affiliate commissions — and make sure your rate is competitive.

Now that you know the basics of standing out to influencers and forming worthwhile connections, you’ll need a platform to help build out and manage your affiliate relationships.

Tracking affiliates sales, setting commissions, finding out out who your top performers are, and simplifying payments can get overwhelming. Luckily, Refersion exists to take the confusion out of affiliate tracking and management.