Experiencing Sale Slowdown? Here’s What You Can Do

Every ecommerce business experiences sales slowdown at some point. You may not be able to wrap your head around why at first. It can indeed be confusing when the data shows that organic traffic and ads clicks haven’t dipped. So what gives?

Rest easy, because we’re about to tell you how you can pull your shop out of the rut.

1. Troubleshoot Cart Abandonment

Try to remove yourself from the business for a moment and put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Now think: how many things about yourcheckout process are slow and annoying?

Keep a lookout for the usual suspects: high shipping costs, not estimating these shipping costs upfront (this usually blindsides your customers), requiring a user to make an account in order to complete a purchase, and not having enough payment options.

These seemingly small annoyances can lead to cart abandonment issues and a sales drop-off. Always make sure your site’s checkout process is as simple and painless as possible.

2. Check Your Competitors

Are your competitors offering the same product at a cheaper price? Do they have special discounts and promotions? These are the types of questions you need to be asking.

Make sure you’re always in the loop and keeping a close eye on the competition. Don’t shy away from offering past customers a special offer or new customers a first-timers discount. After all, it’s no secret that the majority of customers like to browse other sites for comparison prices and deals before making a decision.

3. Exit Intent Pop-Up

Creating an exit intent pop-up is a great way to capture leads that were about to close your website’s tab. You can then take these leads and continue nurturing them through an email campaign. You can even offer them a special discount during this email campaign.

Besides lead generation, exit intent pop-ups can also be used to ask users why they decided to leave without purchasing. If you craft the pop-up into a survey then you’ll be able to get direct feedback from your potential customer base and learn first-hand what’s preventing conversions.

4. Are You Targeting The Right People?

If you still can’t figure out why potential customers just aren’t converting, then consider the thought that you may be targeting the wrong people. Every business has an idea of who their ideal audience is — but in reality you may need to get more specific.

If traffic is steady but sales are remaining stagnant, then consider narrowing your audience. For example, on a Facebook PPC campaign you can further narrow your audience by specific interests. By combining multiple interests with things like age, gender, and job title, you can develop a very specific customer profile. This can prove to be more beneficial then targeting a highly generalized audience. Broad audience targeting tends to draw in irrelevant traffic and clicks with a lack of actual sales.