Instagram Shopping Is A Big Game-Changer For Ecommerce

Instagram’s latest ecommerce push is major.

Instagram is about to turn the mobile shopping world upside down.

A new feature that enables users to buy what they see on Instagram is set to be released next week. The idea is to make online shopping as convenient as possible.

Often lauded as the platform of discovery, Instagram is now trying to position itself as a key player in the online shopping world.

How It Works

20 select retailers (including JackThreads and Kate Spade) will be the first to test out this new feature. Retailers will be able to tag specific products in their photos, which are hidden behind a “tap to view” button.

When this button is tapped, a tag will appear on all shoppable products in the post. Users will then see the price of all the tagged products and, if they decide to click on a particular tag, a more in-depth view will open up along with a “Shop Now” button. These tags essentially allow consumers to purchase products entirely inside of Instagram.

The future of online shopping?

What It Means

If you’re in the business of ecommerce, this is big. While there’s no word on when this feature will be available for everyone to use, most companies should be waiting with bated breath.

Once it’s released, ecommerce businesses will be able to make every bit of content they publish on Instagram a very real attempt at snagging conversions. Businesses will now be able to use Instagram to make the shopping experience far more seamless.

Instagram is also planning on adding a “save” feature so that people can bookmark product posts and come back to them later. This is equally amazing news as the numbers show that most people don’t purchase right away — they like to browse and then come back before making a decision, often times days later.

Instagram’s new shopping features are definitely something any savvy ecommerce company should be paying attention to. If you want to stay on top of this developing story , be sure to check out Coffee Time!