Is Collaboration The Key To Success?

As we’re nearing the date for our big Shopify Partner event (oh, and P.S.- you’re totally invited) we thought it would be worthwhile to discuss the importance of collaboration.

At Refersion, we make it a point to work with our fellow app developers. We’ve found collaborating to be a great way to improve our platform’s performance and functionality.

For example, we’ve recently integrated with our friends over at CartHook. Refersion is now able to seamlessly connect with Carthook, allowing our users to take full advantage of their abandonment cart tracking (which is important for accurately crediting affiliates sales), one-click upsells, and one-page checkout.

By working together, we’ve created better experience for our merchant clients.

Still not convinced that collaboration is an important part of any business? Check out these three other valuable benefits!

1. A Culture Of Learning

Collaboration keeps team members hungry for new knowledge and gets them into the habit of consistently generating actionable ideas. If your team ever only ever works with the same small group of people day-in and day-out, they’ll never be challenged to expand their thinking and acquire new skills. New faces, new voices, and new ideas are critical in building a robust culture of learning in your organization.

2. Effective Problem-Solving

Rarely will a business possess all of the skills, knowledge, and experience to solve every aspect of a complex problem all by its lonesome. Getting good at collaborating between business teams opens up a giant toolbox of individual capabilities that your own team members can draw from when faced with tough issues.

3. Increased Perspective

Having a singular, all-hands-on-deck focus is a winning characteristic when it comes to reaching business objectives. But sometimes tunnel-vision can do as much to slow a team’s progress as it can to push it forward. Partnering with businesses who have their own diverse mix of talents and experience can help your team to see the big picture, and prevent the type of insular thinking that stifles new ideas.

Interested in learning more about business collaboration? Searching for your next partner? Join us April 13th at 6:30pm for our first meet up!