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How to Buy RFI on Uniswap

New to Uniswap, we got you.

Here is simple guide to buying RFI or any other token on the decentralized exchange, Uniswap.

Before doing so, make sure to have already downloaded, set up and connected to your MetaMask wallet.

Learn how to setup a MetaMask Wallet here ⬇️

STEP 1 | Go to Uniswap

Head over to Uniswap by using this link ⏬

This link will automatically have the correct address to swap Ethereum for RFI.

STEP 2 | Choose how much you want to swap

Input the amount of ETH you wish to swap for RFI.

STEP 3 | Adjust Setting in Uniswap

Unfortunately this step is necessary for some tokens like RFI.

Click the gear icon and set the slippage to 1.5 or 2%.

STEP 4 | Confirm Swap

Now you are ready to swap. Press and confirm swap.

Note: If you encounter an error message here, try using whole round numbers or no more than 2 decimal places. This applies to when selling RFI also.

STEP 5 | Interact with MetaMask

Your MetaMask wallet will initiate to confirm transaction, if not you may need to connect your wallet.

Click edit to set your gas amount.

STEP 6 | Set your Gas

Set gas to an appropriate amount we recommend average or fast.

(Depending on network congestion)

STEP 7 | Confirm and wait

Click confirm and wait for confirmation.

STEP 8 | Confirmation Complete

Once confirmed you should see a prompt in your browser, check your balance and sit back and watch your RFI grow.

If you don’t see you tokens after confirmation, don’t fret, go to this article below and make sure to add the token contract address ⬇️

Welcome to the RFI Family!

Now you have acquired your first bag of RFI, maybe you would like to create an LP pool to earn even more fees.

Check out our next article (coming soon) explaining how to set up and join a liquidity pool on Uniswap so you can start earning Sextuple Yield ⬇️



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