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Appear Before Me

Appear before me one time,
For divinity by thee I know,
For purity in thee I see,
At thy altar I lay my heart,
And my mortals I make an offering to thee.

Appear before me one time,
And allow me to worship thee,
For your touch will cleanse me,
For I will remain an atheist until then,
I meet thee, I meet my God when.

Appear before me one time,
And reveal to me, who art thee,
And where dust thou reside,
For I wander and often go astray, returning wounded,
For by your charm I will heal and find my zeal, once again.




Thoughtful Thoughts Worth Giving a Thought

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Akash Gadiya

Akash Gadiya

Half writer, half web & graphic designer, half baked entrepreneur & a halfwit. Writes on life lessons, books, cinema, love and technology.

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