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B̶h̶a̶a̶d̶ Pahad Mein Ja

Ever wondered what connection we share with the mountains? [Image source]

Being a silent and socially awkward person and having missed various get-together’s, parties and outings, I have ended up disappointing many who often remark ‘Bhaad mein ja’ which is Hindi for ‘Go to hell’ or ‘Get Lost’. While that is rude and impudent, what hurts more is why they wouldn't say ‘Pahad mein ja’ instead. Go to the mountains, get lost. That would be so wonderful, don’t you think?

Ever since my trek to the Himalayas in the chilly winter last year, I have been yearning and itching for another elevation. The mountains are calling, but my weight is making me wait. After a month of rigorous weight training and dieting, I had managed to put on 3 kilos of body mass just before setting out for the trek. In the trek though, I ended up losing 5. Which took me another 2 months to recover. The growth rate hasn’t been as impressive now as it used to be. After all, nothing makes you wait like your weight does. It neither comes, nor goes easily.

If you love the mountains, I highly recommend that you watch the documentary Mountain (2017). Filled with abstract dreamscapes, it is an epic odyssey of the mountains — from how they took birth to how they have evolved over the years. In fact, if you look at it, the mountains have never really evolved, we have. With spectacular visuals, uplifting music and poetry like narrations, watching this documentary is no less than a free-flowing meditative experience.

When I was at the peak, I thought to myself — Surely, the expression ‘breathtakingly beautiful’ must have first been used at an high altitude. The oxygen level in the air gets lower as you go higher. So in a way, one could say, the beauty takes your breath away. And what else can explain that stunning landscape better, it’s simply beautiful.

Why do we go the mountains then? What connection do we share with them? Like I happened to write in one of my poems here:

We trek for reasons but few,
To kill monotony and try something new,
To defy our limits or conquer our fear,
Or because we hold the nature very dear




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