Call of the Mountains

In the mountains, out of breath,
Equipped and acclimatized to avert death,
Far and wide, only one thing in sight,
The majestic mountains displaying all their might

Rocks, snow and meadows you climb, march and walk,
Eat, drink and sleep in tents en block,
The vivid night sky glittering with stars,
Fills you with gratitude for this beautiful world of ours

White is the snow and dark is the night,
As pure as light, as cold as fright,
This serene and pristine beauty if one can appreciate,
In the tiring trek, nature offers umpteen ways to rejuvenate

The trees, the bushes & your heart is untamed,
When you reach the summit that you aimed,
The magnificent mountains will remind you again,
Acclaiming yourself as ‘big’ is just so inane

We trek for reasons but few,
To kill monotony and try something new,
To defy our limits or conquer our fear,
Or because we hold the nature very dear

In the mountains, I even had a chance to read,
To share interesting conversations with people of same breed,
What allured me to that place, now I know,
The mountains had called, I had to go

- Akash Gadiya