How I Wish I Had A Tail

How I wish I had a nice long tail,
All town would come to see my holy grail,
It would be the center of all attraction,
The point of interest in any interaction.

With a smirk of pride I'd swing it in the air,
And caress it with utmost love and care.
With just a wag I could clean a bench,
And slap my enemies with it to seek revenge.

I would make a new fashion statement,
Jump high, hang on branches and provide entertainment,
I would have an extra hand to carry things,
And wag it when my soul dances and my heart sings.

Tales of my tail will be written and read,
Even after my tail stops following me when I'm dead,
Never again will I look so plain and pale,
How I wish I had a nice long tail.

- Akash Gadiya

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