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How I’m trying to float on the surface and not drown in the sea of sameness

“They laugh at me because I’m different; I laugh at them because they’re all the same.” — Kurt Cobain [Image source]

It’s been 68 days since I have been brushing my teeth using my left hand, 17 days of sleeping without a pillow. 7 months of going without watching the television. 7 years since I changed my Instagram profile picture. 9 years since I have been using the same helmet with skull caps. 7 years since I have been using my first laptop regularly.

I noted the dates of each day when I cut my fingernails and got an haircut for nearly a year. Completed four 10K and 5K running events in last two years. Did a Himalayan Trek in winter. Led a group of IIM students on another Himalayan Trek. I did 3 solo trips, read 22 non-academic books, watched 84 films and documentaries and 4 TV show series in the last two years.

I am the first in my family to earn a professional degree. First to sport a beard. I talk less. Am socially uncomfortable. Lead a simple lifestyle. Value knowledge over wealth. Meaningful experiences over mindless extravagance. Read between the lines and find joy in the simpler things in life.

I do not take anything at face value. Question and ponder over ordinary things such as love, relationships, happiness, success, existentialism, religion and romanticism. Even why we wear same coloured sock on both feet or why our left and right hand never outgrow each other.

I don’t try to fit in, I try to stand out. I don’t chase happiness and success. I try to achieve stillness and nothingness. I feel at home in the lap of nature. Challenge conventional wisdom and try to outdo myself at everything. Try to break old habits and form new ones. Try to do different things or do things differently.




Thoughtful Thoughts Worth Giving a Thought

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Akash Gadiya

Akash Gadiya

Half writer, half web & graphic designer, half baked entrepreneur & a halfwit. Writes on life lessons, books, cinema, love and technology.

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