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Life is You

If life is a game
You’re my trump card
You’re my winning spirit
My passion

If life is a sail
You’re the guiding light
My North star
You’re my shore
My destination

If life is a rollercoaster ride
You’re the adrenaline rush
You’re the high
The low

If life is music
You’re the rhythm
You’re in every note

If life is a painting
You’re my palette
You’re the best stroke on my canvas

If life is a poem
You’re the thought
You’re the emotion
You’re the words
You’re the meaning

If life is what we make of it
You’re my brainchild

If life is a mirror
You’re my reflection

They know life by many names
Perhaps I know by just one




Thoughtful Thoughts Worth Giving a Thought

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Akash Gadiya

The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have miles to go before I sleep.