(#NoFilter is more than just Instagram and Snapchat filters. It’s an attitude. It’s about speaking one’s mind, quite literally, without filtering the thoughts. Boldly. Fearlessly.)

His eye caught something striking as he browsed the shelves in the library. A beautiful girl, on the other side of the shelf. He picked up the Leo Tolstoy classic War and Peace and parked himself in the seat in front of her.

Glued to her book, she didn’t care to check out the intruder. He cast a cursory glance at the books on the surrounding shelves. The literature section it was. He saw a few books he’d already read. Few that featured in his to-read list. And few unfamiliar ones, that nevertheless caught his fancy. That was the thing with books and him. Every time he walked into a library or a bookstore he would get as excited as a kid in a candy shop. Or a shopaholic at a fashion street. Or a tippler when it’s an on the house.

A plain black tank top. Her hair attractively unkempt. Nerdy spectacles. ‘Damn, she’s so charming!’ he thought to himself as he opened the book and immersed into the story from where he’d left it the previous day.

She got up a while later and walked up to the adjoining cafeteria. He followed suit. She took a cuppa while he grabbed a toast.

“What draws you to me?” she asked, stirring her cuppa. He continued buttering his toast for a while and when it was finally done, he muttered without looking up “Good books or good boobs. I’ve suddenly begun to wonder what seduces me more”.

She was stupefied. Amused. “Sorry what?!” she chuckled in disbelief. He was unperturbed. Like nothing had been said or heard. He continued munching his toast, taking big bites, stuffing it into his mouth. Not once looking at her. Blood rushing to his face now, making him look embarrassed and shy.

She shook her head, half smiling and half shocked, gathered her stuff and began to leave. Back at the study table, she placed her books back on the shelf. Wore her overcoat and walked out. His chutzpah or his shyness. She began to wonder what seduced her more.