An Inspiring Poem Every Engineer Should Read

On a dull night drenched in the rainfall,
Cool breeze lingered around,
An innocuous dog curled up in a ball,
Complaining in a whimpering sound

Surrounded by an air of pensive sadness,
His thoughts melted in despair,
Fading into the alluring madness,
Going back and forth on an old rocking chair,

I should have been a doctor,
Curing the world of disease,
I should have been a traveler,
Going wherever I please

I should have been a musician,
Performing in a rock concert,
Why an Engineer, he asked with lacking ambition,
To the passing night that seemed shaken but unhurt

— -
At the horizon a bright fireball appeared,
Painting the sky orange in uniform strokes,
The dog felt the warmth and cheered,
It yawned and stretched and revived its hopes

Birds spread across the infinity,
Like they’d just been released from a cage,
My thoughts assumed serenity,
That perhaps better suited a sage

I design the medical equipment,
That the doctors choose,
I contribute to the transport segment,
And to infrastructure that travelers use

I ferry the musician’s melody
To the yearning ear,
I make things possible,
Because I am an Engineer

– Akash Gadiya

Note on the poem: The poem reflects the dilemma of an Engineer who wonders if he has chosen the right career path. It has a definite structure. Of the eight stanzas, the first four describe a gloom and the ensuing four, hope. The four stanzas in each part are again structured uniformly with the first two describing the external elements and the subsequent two echoing the Engineers thoughts.

The dog and the thoughts are two elements that are seen in stark contrast in both the parts of the poem. In addition, there are three vocations that the Engineer wishes he could have taken up and rather been — a doctor, a traveler or a musician. In the second part, his thoughts substantiate why and how he is doing well by contributing to the same vocations as an Engineer.

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