Requiem for a Dream

Akash Gadiya
Sep 22, 2018 · 1 min read
“Do you believe in afterlife?” Asked one dream to another. [Image Source]

what if i tell you
there’s an island of
far out there

where empty crazy
unaccomplished abandoned
land after their death

where myriad dreams
float in stale air
like flaccid ghouls

you can catch as many
like a dreamcatcher
to hear
their shattered stories
their mournful songs

a pang of
is bound to seize you
and you’d wonder
how good would it be if

if only history showed reverence
for our ruined dreams
like it does for
ruined works of
art and architecture

-Akash Gadiya


Thoughtful Thoughts Worth Giving a Thought

Akash Gadiya

Written by

Half writer, half web & graphic designer, half baked entrepreneur & a halfwit. Writes on life lessons, books, cinema, love and technology.


Thoughtful Thoughts Worth Giving a Thought

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