Screw Relationships

Relationships suck. And why? Because ‘relationship’ is the third person between him and her. It is demanding and dominating. A relationship sans relationship is what we really need — If you know what I’m talking about.

A simple Google search on how to build and maintain a good, successful and healthy relationship would return the following results:

Relationships requires “commitment, patience, love, trust and willingness to change and grow.”…
We have to shift our focus from “me” to “we”…
Relationships should always be our “priority”…
“Angry outbursts and rage” can damage our relationships…
We must be “selfless” in relationships…

That’s the problem with relationships. They are high-maintenance. They require extra care. They come with lot of terms and conditions.

They have to text or call each other at least once a day. They have to go out every Sunday. They have to make each other’s birthday and their anniversary special. Rules.

They have to behave in certain ways, do certain things and refrain from certain things in order to help the relationship flourish. Conditions.

When we set the rules and conditions, our mind automatically sets the expectations. They expect each other’s call or message. They start planning for the upcoming Sunday outing. Expectations.

When expectations are not met. It results in disappointment. And disappointment over time builds up into anger, arguments, fights and grudges. In short, it screws up the relationship.

While we always believed that expectations screw up relationships. The truth is that relationships screw up our expectations.

It’s time we rethink our relationships. Rethink the rules and conditions and expectations that come along with it.

Like SRK said in an interview, “One of my closest friends lives in LA and we don’t meet for years sometimes, forget birthdays and anniversary greetings, but when we do meet, we start off from where we left. Even if he doesn’t have my back during my times of trouble, he’s still my friend. “But where were you during my times of trouble?” they say. “I was dealing with my own.” “But yours was work, mine was emotional.” “Fuck you.”

Screw relationships. Focus on what’s important — focus on love.

Your love doesn’t need to be confined and defined by relationships. Help it grow out of it.

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