The Other Side

So what do you like the most? she asked, looking at the menu.

“The other side” he said.

She slid the menu aside and braced up for a thoughtful conversation “And?” she asked, nudging him to elaborate.

“The other side of the line when I’m on a call with you” he said, with a wink.

“Oh come on” she blushed and casually hit him on his hand.

“The other side really fascinates me. The other side of our world — that we are unacquainted with. The other side of the universe — that may be submerged in nothingness. The other side of time — that’s laced with uncertainty. The other side of the mountains — that appeals to our wanderlust. The other side of our perspectives — that can give us a whole new worldview.”

“And what would your other side be like?” she sought.

“We’ll know only when we get there.”

“And how about travelling there together?” she said, imitating his wink.