American Government Is Consistently Failing by Design

The political duopoly is the greatest threat to American society today

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American society is not the government. Government is one component of society which is consistently failing. All’s not lost, it just seems that way. There is a path forward.

Political industrial complex

The political industrial complex is a tens of billions of dollars industry each election cycle, including special interests, donors, pollsters, consultants, partisan think tanks, the media, lobbyists, and others.

The political duopoly

The greatest threat to American society today is that the Republican/Democrat political duopoly has captured a monopoly on the political industrial complex in the country. Political insiders accomplished this by creating rules of political competition that increase their power and income, while damaging our society.

Government is failing by design

Intense polarization is not an accident, but a feature of the system insiders in the political duopoly have created. It is not in the interest of the political duopoly to reach consensus on solutions meeting the needs of most Americans in the middle of the political spectrum. It is in the interest of political duopoly insiders to give Americans only two choices in elections that are highly differentiated and polarizing. Political insiders make a huge amount of money driving the polarization in the country.

Monopoly power damages society

Monopoly in the political industry is as damaging to society as monopoly in any other industry. The theoretical damage that Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp might do to society is penny ante compared to the real damage being done by the political duopoly. If there was justice in America, the US Department of Justice would be suing the Democrat and Republican parties for antitrust violations, not Facebook.

Effective solutions to win elections

There won’t be effective, competent government until the political duopoly is broken and more competitive political choices are available to American voters. More political competition drives the political need for coalitions and consensus offering effective solutions in order to win elections, which is healthy for society.



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