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Week 4: some reflections

Feeling a bit down about the module as it doesn’t seem to be going very well. Have spent the weekend reflecting on the good and the bad and what I can do to improve things. But need a positive attitude to move forward and make this work, and maybe a bit of an expectations rebalance.

I think there are a number of issues:

  • lack of directed content unsettles the students
  • lack of motivation (perhaps) on the part of the students?
  • difficulties in communication (me to students; students amongst themselves)
  • confusion over the purpose of the module.

Solutions I have come up with so far:

  • messages to students: have to attend this week or in danger of failing; support this week to ensure we are on track
  • next session I will spend time explaining the module again
  • discuss all the projects and ensure students are enjoying their work and happy with the groups
  • take in some chocolates to cheer everyone up!

And of course — with my usability hat again — ASK the students what are the issues.

We (myself and K) had a tutorial today with one group which left me feeling a bit confused myself. One student was clearly not happy about the process, one was very enthusiastic and the third seemed to be enjoying it. We explained the module again, went through their project with them and tried to help them identify the tasks involved. I explained the process of a skills audit and K explained the process of task analysis. Hopefully they will make some progress.

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