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Reflective Stance

Crossing The Line From Presence to Self Promotion

Reflecting on Social Media and Narcissism

Who do we curate ourselves to be and how does it serve us?

Why do we post in the first place?
  • Blogging has helped me to connect with people I otherwise would not have connected with. Many of thanked me and told me the impact that my writing has had on them and it means the world to me every time. I will meet people who I don’t know at all and they tell me they read my blogs and it goes from polite strange conversation to deep hearted dialogue in moments. People feel they know me and I hope it is because I have written in a way that is open, honest and from the heart. Blogging has allowed me to wonder and question openly and this invites others into that wonder. It has led to opportunities to blog for other organizations like the Ontario Principals’ Council and Learning and the Brain
Thanks @MsParkKindys for the beautiful gift!!!!
  • Sketchnoting which led to being invited to illustrate articles, do graphic facilitation at workshops and meet some amazing people in that sketchnoting community. It even inspired an educator in my board to make me roll up pencil cases for my markers and pencil crayons! (Thank you again Sara!)
  • Tweeting is really tied to both the blogging and the sketchnotes because it is the vehicle I used most often to share my thinking and creations. I have hosted Twitter chats for @OnEdChat, @ELLOntario (Coming this week) and now lead a podcast and twitter chat professional learning opportunity at the ministry with @TheMathPod
  • Sharing my art on Instagram has been inconsistent lately. I notice that when life gets busy, the first thing that drops off is my art. This is the space where I experience the most flow. As much as I appreciate how my art resonates with people, it is my most therapeutic and meditative space for me. Everything else melts away and sound ceases to exist. I share my sketchnotes there as well but it is my art specifically that gets me into that space of flow.

Blatant Self Promotion and Nerdy Pleasures

Brené Brown speaks to my question!!!!! Yes, that’s right! For a moment, just a moment, she knew I was alive! The dopamine hit was so strong when my name, face and question came up that I couldn’t do a proper screen capture because my hands were shaking so hard.
This one was last week! Honourable Mitzie Hunter retweeted my sketchnote from a session we were both attending!
“They don’t know that we are the media
They don’t know that we start the mania”

Beware of the Expert — Be Open to Wonder

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi defines success as “something that helps others and at the same time makes you feel happy as you are working at it.”



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