Reflectly — From React Native to Flutter

Why we moved 500.000+ users to Flutter

Daniel Vestergaard
Jul 12, 2018 · 6 min read

The Early Days

Reflectly was built using React Native in the summer of 2017. At the time React Native was a relatively new and exciting technology. It promised high productivity and cross-platform mobile development with familiar web technologies. Our team had a strong background in web technology and therefore felt immediately at home using React Native to build Reflectly. Following a few intense weeks of development, we submitted the first version of Reflectly for iOS to the App Store.

Illustration of discrepancies between Reflectly on iOS and Android using React Native

A Leap of Faith

During the third quarter of 2017, Reflectly grew steadily in popularity. We went from hundreds of new users daily to thousands of new users daily. Everyone loved the app — but as it grew in popularity, so did our frustrations with React Native.

Building the Future of Journaling

Getting started with Flutter was easy. We quickly managed to put together the basic views of the UI. Gone were the days of discrepancies between what was rendered on iOS and Android. It felt great knowing that the UI would be rendered consistently across platforms. No more wasting time writing error-prone platform specific code.

Smooth scrolling and transitions for both Android and iOS

Flutter in the Wild

By the end of May 2018, Reflectly 2.0 was ready to be released and we began rolling out Reflectly 2.0 for Android on Google Play and submitted Reflectly 2.0 for iOS to the App Store review process.

Sample of reviews on the new Reflectly 2.0 — we’re getting a lot of love!

Our Wishlist

We wish to see more mature plugins for platform integrations. Although it is easy to develop new platform plugins, it would be great to see more all-encompassing packages for these commonalities. Fortunately the Flutter team and community is already making great progress in this area. Many platform functionalities are already covered by the packages maintained in the official Flutter Plugins repository.

Reflectly Engineering

Building the Future of Journaling