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How to Vote on Reflexer DAO Proposals

How to vote on proposals submitted to ReflexerDAO on Tally.

This post outlines the process for voting on proposals submitted to ReflexerDAO. Proposals fall into one of two categories: protocol proposals, and treasury proposals. Protocol proposals address elements such as the PID controller parameters and updating oracles. While treasury proposals relate to expenses like payroll, bounties, and marketing.

For an in-depth overview of the process of submitting a proposal to ReflexerDAO, check out this post in our forum.

Once a proposal has been discussed in the forum and submitted as a formal proposal to Tally, DAO members can vote on it via our Tally Dashboard.

Here you can see the voting power held by different delegates, you can delegate your voting power to others, and see active and past proposals submitted to the DAO.

How To Vote

To vote, first navigate to the ReflexerDAO Governance Dashboard (pictured above).

  1. Make sure to delegate to yourself (or someone else), you can do so by clicking the “Delegate” button and either selecting “Delegate to Self” or “Delegate”.

Note: This is an on-chain transaction that includes a gas fee. The transaction will call the delegatechanged() function of the FLX token (0x6243d8cea23066d098a15582d81a598b4e8391f4)

2. On the Governance Dashboard, scroll down to the “Proposals” section to see what proposals are currently active. Proposals that are still accepting votes will say “Active” underneath the title of the proposal (where the first proposal below says “Queued”).

3. Click on the proposal you’d like to vote on to pull up its details page. Here you can find a list of everyone who has voted so far, and the details of the proposal itself. To take part in the voting process, click the “vote” button highlighted in the image below.

There are no active proposals for ReflexerDAO as of today, so I’ve pulled screenshots from this tutorial to show what an active proposal would look like.

Note: Your voting power is equal to what it is at proposal submission time, the community will want to make sure they have enough FLX voting power to protect the protocol from sudden malicious proposals

4. Clicking “Vote” will bring up the screen below. Here you can choose to vote “For”, “Against”, or “Abstain” on the proposal.

5. Once you’ve decided how to vote, click submit, and you’re done!

6. Welcome to ReflexerDAO.

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