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Reflexer DAO Recap: Sept — Nov

Time flies when you’re ungoverned

What we’ve been up to…

1. Kicking the Multisig

2. I-Term Tuning Update

3. Creating Governance Processes

4. Backup Oracles

6. Created a Developer Reserve

7. Started Bounty Campaigns

8. Updated our website’s Front End

9. Increased Twitter impressions by 420%

10. A new Money God — Introducing TAI

11. Vitalik reminded us that we’re his favorite stablecoin

12. Realized that RAI is one of the most stable assets in the world

13. Gave the best talk at Devcon

14. Adjusted Incentives (Upcoming)


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This is a research and news publication about RAI: a non pegged stable asset that is fully backed by ETH

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Reza Jafery

Ops @ PubDAO / Community @ Reflexer / Product @ Decrypt. Trying to change the rules and create a positive sum game.