Our founders worked in Europe, Asia and North America for many years. And when they started Refly, they adopted the alluring elements of these regions. The liberal nature of European work culture. The hardworking Indian culture. And the high work ethics of North America. Refly is an amalgamation these three elements. Further, they want to make this culture easy to clone and re-use. We want to inspire others to copy this and replicate in their organisation. Our mission is to inspire and set a new entrepreneurial culture in our communities we live and work.

Team Refly, 2016

We want our employees to feel they are entrepreneurs. Our mission to create an entrepreneurial culture starts with our employees. We maintain a management hierarchy to manage the process. But no one at Perleybrook needs the approval for taking the responsibility.

We use Slack for all our internal communication. All aspects of the business is out there in the public and goes into a slack channel. This has helped us to stay true to each other. And this trust system is the core of our culture. This extends outside of Perleybrook. We invite our customers to a slack channel. And welcome them to see he process that goes into our design and development.

We take our work home and bring home to work. We provide unlimited vacations. Just like there is no one stopping you from working, no one is stopping you from taking a break either. Our goal is to work through the billable hours and take time off during the down time.

We use the best tools money can buy. Everyone gets a brand new Mac and iPhone when they start at Perleybrook. Our rationale is that we need to use beautiful products to build other beautiful products. Our tools should be an inspiration, not a deterrent.


We can’t emphasise how much we adore Edward Deming’s ideology. His PDSA (Plan-do-study-act) is the back bone of our thinking. We iterate over each detail of the work until we meet our set quality standard. Our process allows us to deliver the best quality work to our customers.

We’re all ears for anyone interested in technology or startups. Reach us at

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