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Striking as Pedagogy

The Teacher’s strikes and their relevance

Stakeholder Activism

It is a great trick of neoliberalism to reduce communities to individuals and to reduce individual interests and happiness to short-term material gain. If progressivism is to have any kind of impactful future, it must focus on telling compelling stories about the flaws related to looking at the world through capital-colored glasses. Education, especially K-12 education, will be essential in realizing that future.

Supreme Challenges

A few weeks after its 5-4 decision in Epic Systems Corp. v. Lewis, which permitted mandatory mitigation, the United States Supreme Court is set to deliver another blow to workers’ rights and organized labor. This will prohibit workers from joining in class action suits and other forms of litigation.

Power in a Union

The most recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics has some sobering data about the decline of unions. The percent of union workers remained at a steady 10.7 percent for the last two years, but there are real differences not only among the public and private sector, but also among states, which could potentially lead to increased polarization.



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