What’s Reformer?

The world is complex. Unfortunately, the media environment is failing at reflecting this complexity opting for more ‘digestible’ content.

At Reformer, we look to explore that complexity instead of simplifying it. Here, you will find critical, contextual, and in-depth analysis. This means you’ll spend a bit more time reading our articles but will be left with a fuller picture of the different elements shaping our world.

Our articles are written by a diverse group of thinkers and writers. So you’ll certainly find colourful opinions on current affairs, social issues, and policy.

The Team

Featured Writers

Chris Kiyaseh — Chris is an international relations student. His writing focuses on East Asian Politics and Economics along with current affairs of Asia.

Cameron Scally — As Reformer’s resident drug nerd, Cameron writes on drug policy and emerging trends in legal and illegal markets around the world.

Hirak Mukhopadhyay— Hirak’s writing focuses on foreign policy, international politics, and economics. He is also an entrepreneur working on international investments in India.


Jade Saab — Editor, Jade is the main point of contact at Reformer and provides editorial support to writers. His own writing focuses on political philosophy and current affairs.

You can get in touch with the team at editor@reformermag.com