Everyone is a data analyst

Benjamin Van Renterghem
Jun 4 · 6 min read

The importance of data and data analyses is something which can not be overlooked in our modern society. The wide variety of decisions we make on a daily basis are mostly driven by emotions, primate instinct and intrinsic biases, something which can lead to poor decision-making and a failure to achieve the goals we wish to achieve.

Humans are by nature a social creature and we value the words of one another more than the words of ourselves. We are influenced by many channels in life: our minds are dulled, people are labeled, fear is trickled down into the unconscious and the society divided as a whole.

It is vital for your personal understanding and correct interpretation of things around you to come to your own terms. We are guided through an educational system which does not encourage us to find the truth.
The educational system does not teach us anything about the status quo of society, our spirituality, our psychological biases or how to handle its underestimated influence on our behaviour. We do not learn about the meaning of emotions, the purpose of creativity or the value of our time.

Our minds are molded by propaganda and our decisions based on how we have been told to live. To be controlled is to control, the person which has been successfully conformed to the norms — which he does not understand the origin from — will exert this conformed state of mind upon others. Outliers in society are labeled as lunatics and the cacophonic status quo of society shows its nature in all domains.

To give an example of its implications: it is possible and highly likely for your parents to be conformed, exerting their control of the control they are under upon you. You are merely the product of what you have been taught, your free will is oppressed, your social circle has expectations of you, the capitalistic system has expectations of you. You have been learned since the day you were born that the status quo is obedience and conformity and to face the consequences of not abiding by the rules imposed by others around you.

This oppression trickles down into all domains. Drug abuse clinics will conform you to their will, the educational system and its effects are mandatory, counselling will attempt to convince you of the aspects of conforming to the norm and the justice system will punish you for committing a criminal offence against the status quo.

They will not teach you why you are in a state of internal conflict: why you are showing behaviour such as drug abuse, aggressive behaviour, destructive tendencies and the like. The society will merely stigmatise your behaviour through the framework of conformity they are ought to follow. Drug rehabilitation facilities have the mindset that you have a problem and will not attempt to find the meaning of your behaviour, and if they do they will label you as such-disorder and such-personality. They will feed you the drugs they assume to be of value to you, with no reflective discourse taking place in advance. This misunderstanding and internal conflict can lead to an exacerbation of symptoms already being exerted, in extreme cases leading to a suicidal mindset.

The mandatory educational system puts us off of learning by feeding irrelevant knowledge and the grading of our intellect by our mere ability to recall what we are being fed. It does not enrich one’s self, it is a weapon of oppression as a guidance towards the enslaving of the mind to little monetary gain.

We are promised a happy retirement, which we might not receive, when we are no longer able to move or to spend it. We are told that the society as a whole is a collaborative system, each contributing his share to the pie.

Society is however a hierarchical construct, not a social construct. The amount of money at the end of the month on your bank account depicts your hierarchical position in society, this hierarchical position can be transferred to your children and relatives upon death. Since money is merely a ranking system: those at the top of the pyramid do not have your best interest in mind.

There’s by nature a conflict of interest to keep the small guy small and the big guy big. Ideally the small guy will contribute the entirety of its life to enriching those at the top of the pyramid and is given worthless materialistic value in return. We are bombarded with “novelties” to have, some of which will inflate our ego and make conformed peers look at you from a different perspective (brand cars, expensive electronics) — instead you are giving up a big chunk of your hierarchical position in exchange for a meaningless social image of your ego, because you feel the need to be accepted by those around you and for them to think highly of you, instead of yourself thinking highly of who you are.

You are in a battle of war against swats of marketeers and engineers of which their entire goal is to capture as much of your time as possible and to make you consume as much as possible. Our minds are hooked to gains in “likes”, “retweets”, “amount of friends” and we are chasing a pointless inflation of our ego by our peers. The large majority does not understand the implications of the internet and all it has to offer, and all it can do wrong. They are captured by a successful scientist down the line who’s sole purpose it was to make you waste your time. It is not your fault, people are not perfect creatures, we are not unique and we react in the same way to stimuli as others would.

The creation of Refortuna, my company which stands for ‘data prosperity’ — as I would call it — has as its goal the enriching of everyone’s lives by offering data and data analyses which even the non-technical person can interpret. There where you are being influenced, where you are uncertain, where you are physically ill, where you are under attack or where you want to capitalize on opportunities that present themselves is where the role of Refortuna comes to mind. To educate and to put the power in the hands of the people to understand themselves and the metrics around them. A permanent work-in-progress with the people and their hidden desires in mind.

As the analytics platform is being built and best practices are explored, I give you this article upon which you can reflect.

See you soon, with another perspective on things and a release of an analysis tool on the platform.
For Refortuna and the people


Leverage data. Fortify your assets.

Benjamin Van Renterghem

Written by

Data analyst at Refortuna — As motivations and future prospects are solidified old publications might not be in line with current perspective



Leverage data. Fortify your assets.

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