Refresh The Soul
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Refresh The Soul

It could be December already

Hello Again December~

Back so soon

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Hello December
I see you're back again
Not unlike so many other Decembers before
When we promised
Never again to find each other poor
Still, here we are once more
our only change in life
is having parked our world closer to the door

Perhaps made complicated for half the world
This is the month of the Savior, we're told
Though I don't feel much like having been saved
I would be willing to compromise
I'd be willing to double-cross the Devil's tribe
Retrieving my tattered, broken soul
back in the hands
of any Savior that would make it whole

This time however
I seek to barter
Not seeking a sign saying sold
I am willing to settle for peace of mind
I'd be willing to accept even a broken promise
If at least genuine
I am so over the empty promises of
Silver and Gold
Long gone now
The Innocence
of believing all that glitters is not gold
Not when the value of glitter
is now tenfold

before you accuse me of
unable to cope
Not true
I am also feeling
perhaps I am a baby
tied up
in its own umbilical cord
with the possibility of new hope
struggling to defeat
the near certainty of
putting up a resistance
Not ready to read my epithet
No giving up




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Anthony Cloe Huie

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