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Tuesdays with Vidya — Art Motivational Quotes

I am Grateful

Tuesday Motivation —32

Art by Vidya Sury ©

Gratitude is an attitude that can change our lives. We are accustomed to thanking those who give us something or do something nice for us. And of course, everywhere we look we are showered with advice about how writing a gratitude list can transform our lives.

But the practice of gratitude is more than making a list, as Nancy Blackman, MASF beautifully explained in a recent post. Gratitude is more than words — it is an emotion, a feeling.

And? It does not always come easily.

When you cultivate the habit of being grateful, you open up to abundance. There’s scientific proof that grateful people are happier than those who take things for granted.

How does one learn to be grateful? As with everything else, practice makes perfect.

Starting this week, I will post a series of affirmations related to gratitude. Feel free to repeat these and be more conscious of what you already have. Let’s end 2022 on a note of thankfulness and usher in the New Year with gratitude.

Let’s begin with the simplest of all affirmations — perhaps the best way to practice gratitude.

I am grateful

As you repeat these words, think of something that you are grateful for at this moment. You’ll be surprised to see the list grow!

Be happy!

Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles ❤ Did you smile today?

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