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Tuesdays with Vidya — Art Motivational Quotes

I Live Every Day In Awareness

Tuesday Motivation — 41

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I live every day in awareness

This affirmation is ideal for practicing mindfulness. When you repeat it, it will bring your mind to the present.

We often hear the words living in the present moment; living in awareness does not imply being on high nervous alert every waking minute — because let’s admit it, that would be crazy exhausting.

Rather, living in awareness is a gentle nudge to urge you to notice the little things in life — especially the things that we take for granted, things that seem insignificant, but we definitely cannot do without. Maybe it is that light we switch on, that refrigerator that keeps our food fresh, running water, the stove that heats up our food or makes our coffee, the latch on our front door that keeps us safe, the phones that connect us to our loved ones — you know, things like that.

When we are aware of these, we become aware of how much we have to be grateful for.

Go ahead. Repeat the affirmation. ❤

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