I Reach Beyond Barriers and Move Toward Possibilities

It is in these opportunities that I see daily miracles

Nancy Blackman
Refresh the Soul
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2 min readJun 5, 2024


Young boy reaching for the galaxy above him. Words in lower left corner “I reach beyond barriers and move toward possibilities.”
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NOTE: As a way to introduce affirmations to refresh your soul, we will begin with a once-a-week affirmation that you can use all week.

I reach beyond barriers and move toward possibilities.

I see beyond the obstacles but still move through them as I walk toward opportunities.

These obstacles are teaching moments that help me walk in bravery toward miracles, small and large. They become part of my past and do not get lodged into my future story.

As I think of the higher good, I always keep goodness in my foreground and the obstacles, blocks, and barriers disappear. My mind conceives of more goodness as my heart, soul, and mind are changed.

I begin to see miracles everywhere I go. The barriers that once were are nevermore. I choose to see the miracles, realizing that the barriers will always be there, but my heart leads with gratitude.

I allow myself to enjoy the dolce far niente (the sweetness of doing nothing) as I wait for my Inner Voice to guide me.

I am forever changed.

May you know that you are loved because you matter.
May your soul be refreshed.

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