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Refresh the Soul

Lovers In The Dark~

Radu Mihai @iamconnorrm

Lovers in the dark
have no blemishes
No cracks in their walls
No surprise crevices
No broken promises
when you fall

Lovers in the dark
are self-assured
In the absence of light
there’ll never be
a fear of the sunlight
defeating the night
And truth
never a need to be examined
only expressed
need not to be in the eyes
of the beholder
but instead in the heart
of the spoken
from the lips of the speaker

And no more misery
from the voices of your enemies
No platitudes
to soften
the harsh taste of attitudes
No parents
friends or other families
to lie to about your false gratitude
No more fights
about lovers in the dark
No more pretentious walks
in the park

’Cause when
you’re lovers in the dark
There is never a rush
to cover the uncovered
No light to shine upon
your inner coward
Lovers in the dark
never to face the demons
that gave cause
to one’s imprisonment here
No one to pass judgment
on life not being fair
Your reality becomes
crystal clear

’Cause when
you’re lovers in the dark
No masking of what you see
No asking for permission
when doors need no key
Just my tattooed sign that says
Take me!
Why ask for permission
when they’ve become professional
at saying

Lovers in the dark
Living in fear
of that solitary flash of light
that would end your pious royalty
Canceling all contracts with your deity
resting free
would be Me
to be with my own
Lovers in the dark!




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Anthony Cloe Huie

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