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Refresh the Soul

Packages of Love

Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

If I could wrap love and care into little packages in the shape and space of a word, I would write a poem a day or maybe a haiku or two and send them to you. Prescription: In the exact doses that you require, so as to lift your spirits even by just a little.

Photo by Rima Kruciene on Unsplash

If a piece of ribbon could carry a message, I could breathe love into a gift box so the ribbon that goes over, reaches you in time for Christmas. Just enough to help you get through the festive season. Prescription: Hang the gift of love on the tree, so all the children can come and see; feel safe, and just be.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

If I could place one hundred spoonfuls of kindness in a care package along with some courage, you could have a little a day for at least one hundred days of thoughtfulness. Prescription: Use half a spoon mixed in a delicious brew. Try tender-scented lavender earl grey or a mug of invigorating jasmine tea. Add enough to keep the dreaded nightmares at bay.

Photo by Jade Aucamp on Unsplash

If joy could be dished in generous servings on a cerulean blue ladle, I would boil a cauldron full of laughter. Ladles of joyful soup could be poured into ginormous melamine bowls. Prescription: To drink heartily in the company of the sad, the fatigued and the weak for theirs require unsparing quantities of laughter and joy.

Photo by Pharma Hemp Complex on Unsplash

If my presence could be a healing balm, and my aura could soothe to dispel clouds of gloom. Balm on gloom may help ease the burdens of your heart. Prescription: Engage in meaningful conversation at least once a day to ease the minutes of despair.

Yours truly.




Come in. Stay awhile. Enjoy the refreshment to your soul. We hope you read with your heart and soul leaving refreshed and nourished.

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