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Who decides the value of REJECTION

What Fuels Rejection To Motivation

Rejected by every Canadian Producer

What is it that fuels rejection into motivation in one and abject disillusion in another? How do we measure the true value of the self motivated, when all around us, it is such a commonly MISUSED and clearly MISUNDERSTOOD word. Canadian Deborah Cox in her early years was turned away by every Canadian recording studio she approached and possible many more that she did not, wishing not to have added to her list of rejections.

Today she a Juno and multi Grammy winner and can boast being given the keys to one of Canada’s more renowned cities. So what is it that makes you run to the corner and hide in a fatal position when criticized by family and or friends while another family member will use such criticism as fuel to their creative fire?

In all of us there burns a creative fire. In some, that fire is but a single candle, so small it is easily loss in the slightest twinkling of light, easier still it is loss because they’ve been convinced of its nonexistence. In others it is buried deep beneath the combination of failures and trauma inflicted upon them by their life’s history; still it burns hot like a bed of charcoal deep beneath its earthen grave.

There is a light that shines within us all and that light is fueled not by our intent nor our self proclaimed motivation. That light is neither fueled by our anger of rejection nor denied its existence by words thrown upon it like cold water from the lips of negativity.

The light of creativity in all of us will forever burn as long as we continue to have faith in its existence. Today, matters not your circumstance, know that there is a light burning inside that is longing for its moment to exhale so let your light shine.




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Anthony Cloe Huie

Anthony Cloe Huie

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