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You CAN. If You Think You Can.

Tuesday Motivation — 12

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Funny how beliefs build up, right? But there’s a lot to be said for perseverance and persistence — and of course, not giving up too soon.

There’s nothing worse than putting in a lot of effort, and when the moment of decision is a hair’s breadth away, giving up on the assumption that things will not work out.

On the flip side, some people assume that things will work out — become over-confident, and then, watch helplessly as things go out of their control. It happens to everyone at some stage in life. And becomes a huge learning point.

It is…

Easy to give up.
Not so easy to hang on
Easy to take things for granted
Not so easy to accept when things do not go the way we want
Easy to let ego come in the way — easy to be scared
Not so easy to overcome the fear of failure
Not so easy to stay focused when that happens
Easy to take the easy way out and quit
Not so easy to look those obstacles straight in the eye, stick a finger in it, and say “I will persist, no matter what”

We are stronger than we think.

Our minds sometimes give us the illusion that we “can’t”.

I believe that we can when we think we can.

We can be successful. We can be whatever we choose to believe because that belief will spur us into action.

Or not.

The choice is ours.

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