Peters Gideon
Mar 16 · 3 min read

As exciting as it is to write your lines of code and have it run successfully, there are just certain things about the art of programming that get you all messed up. Here are nine(9) of mine.

  1. The fact that some people think HTML is a programming language. In case you’re reading this and you’re like … whoa!!! Yes, HTML isn’t a programming language, it’s a markup language, BIG difference.

2. Getting errors with error messages that make no sense or don’t really address the real issue. This happens rarely though but I hope going forward exact problems are highlighted.

3. Code editors with zero regard for the developer’s experience. I mean it’s all good to remember to close your ending tags and quotation marks but I’d prefer that extra load of work to be taken off. I won’t mention the code editors that have messed me up in the past but as you read this, I’m sure you know a few. Thank God for recent IDEs

for the bosses.

4. Beginning to learn a framework and a new one comes out and the demand in the market changes almost immediately. My brain needs time to sip in the little it’s absorbed.

5. Variable names that aren’t declarative. I mean why would you name a function or variable ‘x’ except it’s a counter? A kitten dies each time a variable is poorly named and I’m not even joking. From your variable name I should be able to understand the intent of that variable or function.

everytime a variable is poorly named, a kitten dies.

6. Poorly indented code. I used to write my code without any care in the world about indentation until my boss constantly pointed it out and now I honestly can’t stand poorly indented code. Even if you don’t know what you’re coding, indent properly, please!

coding is an art. It should be treated as such.

7. Leaving comments on portions of code that are entirely self explanatory. Why should you put dummy comments?

Thank you for pointing out the obvious.

8. Vast repetition of code all over your program. I’m a perpetrator of this crime some times, but I really don’t like it. I always look for a way to prevent repetition, but if I can’t I yield. Basically, don’t be that developer that just repeats code without even trying to find an easier way out.

9. Lastly, the concept that you have to have over 1000 lines of code to feel buoyant as a developer. If I can achieve 10 lines of code with just one line, why not?

“Measuring programming progress by lines of code is like measuring aircraft building progress by weight.” — Bill Gates

These are a few of my coding pet peeves. Some may be valid and others might not. But everyone is entitled to their opinions. I’d really like to know your coding peeves. Leave a comment below.

Reftek Consulting

Reftek Consulting thoughts and stories, by staff and interns

Peters Gideon

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Reftek Consulting

Reftek Consulting thoughts and stories, by staff and interns

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