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ICYMI: RefugeeForce №1

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Can you believe it’s been two years?

This is our first newsletter to mark the day we were founded, exactly two years ago. Since then, we have taken an ambitious idea to help people feel included and launched it into a growing social enterprise. We have learned about and engaged with refugees who are frustrated with the lack of employment opportunities available to them, while being turned down for jobs they are well qualified for. We have listened to those who feel stymied by the inability to connect with others or feel pressured to find any work they can just to survive and feel integrated into their new society. We have created a new community of Salesforce professionals who bring their expertise, motivation, hunger, and dedication to learning something completely new. We have connected mentors and experienced Salesforce experts with program participants to share new skills and knowledge, adding talent and new personalities to the Salesforce community.

To date, 63 participants in 4 cohorts have successfully completed the RefugeeForce Training program

Along the way, we have also learned so much about ourselves and what it takes to run a social enterprise; we are excited to drive these learnings into 2021. There is an incredible amount of work to do in order to create a world where talent is globally recognized and opportunities are equally accessible, but we are ready for the challenge.

We also want to take a moment to say ✨ THANK YOU ✨ to the people who have helped us achieve our mission, as well as to the participants who have given their time and effort to the program.

We are eternally grateful for all the wonderful people that make up the Salesforce Ohana and we look forward to growing this community!

  • Nick, Marielle, and Gaspar

2020 Programs

This year continues to be an eventful one. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, were forced to move the Winter (February — April) program online halfway through the course, and ultimately decided to cancel the Summer program. We were able to run the Fall (September — November) program via a hybrid online/physical format. These program alumni are currently studying for the Salesforce Administrator Exam and are looking for new job opportunities:

Meet the Winter 2020 Participant

Meet the Fall 2020 Participants

Facing the difficult situation that we all find ourselves in, we persevere with hope and optimism in order to create new opportunities and initiatives for our participants. We understand the complex adversity but we also believe there are exciting new ways to learn, work, and grow during this pandemic.

Stay tuned for more updates! 🚀

Who is hiring our Program Alumni?

We are thrilled to announce our 2020 Recruitment Partners: Eurofiber, Newmotion, DigiPhi, and Zummit. We work closely together to find the best full-time candidates that fit their team or project for one year. Finding motivated Salesforce professionals is also our ultimate goal, thereby creating a natural partnership.

Our alumni have also been recently hired at gCompany, SONOS Europe, Amnesty International, and Webfleet Solutions.

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