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Meet the Fall 2020 Class

Today, we launch a new part of the RefugeeForce journey. We start the latest RefugeeForce program with 20 motivated, talented, and very passionate participants. We received over 100 applications for this cohort, marking our most extensive (and difficult!) applicant review process to date.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we decided to run the Fall (September — November) program via a hybrid online/physical format where guest trainers and participants were able to join on the big screen. These program alumni are currently studying for the Salesforce Administrator Exam and are looking for new job opportunities:

Itonga (Cameroonian, 32 years old)

Itonga holds a professional Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Finance, with a focus on Banking and Financial products/service marketing. Itonga has knowledge and experience in market analysis, leads, opportunities. He wants to get his master in cloud computing and is seeking customer-facing Salesforce roles.

Ayman (Syrian, 36 years old)

Ayman is from Lattakia, Syria. He has been living in the Netherlands for almost 5 years. Ayman has studied English language and linguistics. He has also studied Language and Communication at Leiden university. A self-proclaimed Salesforce addict, he is actively seeking a role in the IT sector.

Anas (Syrian, 28 years old)

Anas is from Damascus, Syria. He has studied business science and in the higher institute of music in Damascus. He worked as a music trainer and sales rep. When Anas came to the Netherlands, he improved my marketing skills by doing online courses and helping his friends build online shops. Currently, he is busy developing his skills and experience in Marketing.

Fateh (Syrian, 39 years old)

Fateh holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Al Baath University in Syria. He has experience in various computer applications such as Maximo, Oracle, and ChemCad.PLC program. Fateh believes in his ability to learn and work independently. His hobbies include reading, fishing, and football.

Merhawit (Eritrean, 29 years old)

Merhawit has a Bachelor’s Degree from the department of Economics and was a high school Maths teacher in Eritrea. Merhawit has been involved in the AZC Community, helping people as a volunteer in different jobs such as working in the computer room. She is currently studying Dutch.

Waleed (Yemeni, 37 years old)

Waleed is currently working as a telecom senior engineer, a graphic design freelancer, and a volunteer. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information System and Computer Science. Waleed worked in the Telecom sector for more than 10 years so he is comfortable with different operating systems, databases, and network protocols.

Angie (Venezuelan, 31 years old)

Angie holds a degree in Business Administration. She has over 8 years of experience in various roles such as an Administration Manager. She has been living in the Netherlands for almost four years, having to leave her home country due to the difficult political and economic situation. Angie enjoys reading, running long distances, and photography. Angie is part of a community non-profit organization in Venezuela that she manages together with her family.

Alain (Congolese, 21 years old)

Alain Gatungo is originally from Kinshasa. He has been living in the Netherlands for 2 years. Alain studied computer science in Uganda. Alain’s ambition is to be a developer and he has experience as a Full Stack developer. When he isn’t glued to a computer screen, he spends time learning Dutch.

Akram (Yemeni, 35 years old)

Akram (you can call him AK) is from Aden, Yemen. He has a Bachelor’s degree in business information technology. He has worked as a functional consultant on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 for almost 4 years. Akram is married and has 3 kids. He enjoys football and traveling.

Shahrad (Iranian, 44 years old)

Shahrad has been in The Netherlands for 7 years. He graduated from the Azad University Science and Research branch with a Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Lab Science. He worked for 8 years at a private bank (Parsian Bank) as a supervisor. For fun, he likes to read, watch tv and swim.

Asmaa (Syrian, 24 years old)

Asmaa has been living in Amsterdam for 5 years. She finished her Dutch language courses and has finished a study preparation year ‘schakeljaar’ at the Hoogschool van Amsterdam. She is planning to start with the study of Human Resources next year. Asmaa has a background in economics and finance as she studied one year at the higher institute for accounting and management back in Syria.

Ghada (Yemeni, 38 years old)

Ghada holds a bachelor degree in English Literature. Since 2009, she has been working in civil society and community development. In Yemen she worked as a program manager with Youth Leadership Development Foundation (a national Yemeni NGOs that contributes for Youth and women development). Later she worked in Jordan as a Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator with a Generations for Peace. Now, she had a voluntary work with Buddy to Buddy Utrecht. Ghada is motivated by a desire to play an active role in tackling societal issues. Not willing to stand on the sidelines, she believes that individual empowerment is the starting point for community development.

Rahila (Uyghur, 35 years old)

Rahila Hidayet is an Uyghur refugee from East Turkestan (Northwest part of China). Rahila has been in the Netherlands for 2 years, where she’s been very busy studying and doing voluntary work. Rahila has completed a 4-month course in entrepreneurship by DeliteLabs. She likes running, listening to music, and singing.

Fahed Abdulfattah (Syrian, 33 years old)

Fahed brings more than 10 years in the customer service sector. With his new knowledge of Salesforce Administration, it makes him more eager to have a new opportunity. Fahed is a strong communicator, a team player and has a service oriented mindset. He believes it is important to put the customers needs first to meet the wishes of the customer.

Eyad (Syrian, 44 years old)

Eyad Khamis is married with 1 daughter. He has lived in Amsterdam for 4 years now. Eyad has his own business, a small shop with vegan and vegetarian Syrian food, mainly Falafel and cold mezze. Previously, he has sold SaaS in the Middle East, and organized events, conferences and trade delegations for more than 20 years in Dubai and Damascus.

Bashar (Syrian, 31 years old)

Bashar has been in the NL for 5 years, where he lives with his wife and son. Bashar received a diploma in Information Technology (ICT mob-4) in Syria and is currently studying Dutch language. He enjoys working in programming languages and has a good base in coding. He is currently working part-time as a badminton coach.

Wahib (Yemeni, 39 years old)

Wahib Noman was born and raised in the UAE. He is married and has two children. Wahib holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business administration and a diploma in supply chain and procurement. He started his career in Fedex as part time as a courier for 2 years. He then moved to a real estate company called Dubai Properties Group for 13 years in the procurement department as procurement manager.

Danya (Yemeni, 26 years old)

Danya has a Bachelor’s degree in E-commerce. Her ambition is to pursue a Master’s degree and build her career in sales & marketing .She has previously worked as an online coach. She has a passion for learning and no limits to her ambition.

Razan (Syrian, 38 years old)

Razan has lived in The Hague since 2015. In short, she cares about Migration & Integration, Diversity & Inclusion, Dialogue & Intercultural Communication, Active Citizenship & Community Engagement, Storytelling & Social Well-being. What truly matters to her is creating & fostering meaningful connections. Despite differences in backgrounds, perspectives and lived realities, she sees herself as a linking-pin, bringing people together; facilitating knowledge exchange, collaboration, and social impact.

Ercan (Turkish, 29 years old)

Ercan has a strong interest in IT. He previously participated in Hack your Future and has started teaching himself Salesforce. His natural curiosity will contribute to his personal development around the technical environment. He enjoys spending his spare time with friends, visiting pretty cities in the Netherlands and eating.



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