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Meet the Winter 2020 Class

Winter 2020 was our largest and most diverse cohort to date.

We attempted to triple the number of participants to 30. With the onset of Covid-19 measures, came a difficult challenge for the program: going online. There are already so many digital resources and online materials available to learn Salesforce: we do not want to be another online player in a crowded space. The core of our training is face-to-face and team-based instruction in the classroom.

Read some of their success stories here:

Azmi (Malaysian, 42 years old)

Azmi spent an early career in Asia. He received his B.Eng from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) and his Associate Degree from Open University Malaysia (OUM) before eventually building his flamboyant careers as a radio producer and presenter in Singapore. He then moved to the corporate world, working with multiple MNC companies in India, and Malaysia. After his almost ten-year career as a regional business development manager, Azmi is now in the Netherlands, where he continued to increase his skills by getting a Professional Certification in Data Science by Microsoft Academy. He recently started on as a trainer for data analytic boot camp in Rotterdam; where he currently resides with his partner Rinus and their beautiful labradors Malay and Racoon.

Mohamed (Moroccoan, 30 years old)

Mohamed is originally from Morocco, but now he is an asylum seeker living in Budel AZC. As a young man of the 21st century, he is very curious about future technologies. Mohamed speaks fluently French, Arabic, Spanish, and English.

Muhammad (Syrian, 33 years old)

Muhammad is a strong finance advisor with almost eight years’ experience. He has advised clients with the objective to provide the best car loans, insurances and personal loans. Muhammed also has a proven track record in sales by selling stocks to investors.

Sam (Syrian, 39 years old)

Sam is an energetic, ambitious person who has developed a mature and responsible approach to any task that I undertake, or situation that he is presented with. As a graduate with roughly 14 years’ of experience in biomedical engineering in both sectors Sales & Services (maintenance) and management, he is excellent in working with others to achieve a certain objective on time and with excellence.

Toni (Syrian, 36 years old)

Tony is married, living with his wife and son. He has a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from the University of Aleppo. Tony came to the Netherlands in 2015 and is interested in learning anything about computers, phones and new technologies. .

Anwer (Yemeni, 38 years old)

Anwer came from Yemen to Maastricht for an MBA in international business and sustainable development. His professional background is in business development, business education and NGO capacity building and projects. He is interested in agile and lean management plus softwares that promote effectiveness and efficiency with room for creativity. He lives in the Hague.

RefugeeForce Participants at the Amsterdam Salesforce Meet-up

Alaa (Iraqi, 34 years old)

Alaa is married and has children. She holds a bachelor of Science of Statistic and Informatics. from University of Mosul, Iraq. From 2009 -2014, she was a teacher of Mathematics at Secondary School of Al-Qwareer in Mosul, Iraq. During 2016–2017, she attended Business analytics and Statistics classes at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. In 2018 she completed the Dutch course (B1), at the Boost School in Amsterdam. Currently, she is studying B2 language course.

Tasnim (Syrian, 30 years old)

Tasnim is from Syria, where she studied in medical college and graduated as a medical laboratory technician. After that she joined a computer college to study network engineering. Because of the war I had to stop and work to help my family. Now she lives in the Netherlands and wants to start a new life, so she is very excited about this course.

Mohammad (Syrian, 37 years old)

Mohammad moved to Netherlands at the end of 2013. He studied English translation and did Master ‘s degree in business administration. He previously worked in a telecom company in Syria before seeking asylum. In the Netherlands he worked for almost two years in a data recovery company. He hopes via this course to find what he is looking for- a stable life and a better future.

Faie (Yemeni, 35 years old)

“I am what I think who I am” This is how I move on by utilizing my positivity, imagination, and creativity to approach new skills and to deal with issues as challenges. Beside being detail-oriented is leading me to perfection.

Ahmet (Turkish, 26 years old)

Ahmet applied for asylum in the Netherlands in February 2019 . He studied Public Administration and International Politics in China and I worked in the marketing field.

Ubay (Syrian, 36 years old)

Ubay has a degree in accounting and has studied 2 years on Information Technology but could not manage to complete it due to the war. He has extensive experience with Telecom companies, Banks, and Aviation. His most recent role was a contact centre operations officers at Emirates Airline, and at the same was acting manager — where he was managing almost 80 consultants and Team leaders. Now he has come here and is looking for a new challenge.

Mouin (Lebanese, 48 years old)

Mouin moved from Beirut to Amsterdam in 2017. He is interested in mysticism, technology, statistics, socio-economic design, and art. He loves to incorporate them in his interactive art installations.

John (Lebanese, 49 years old)

John is from Lebanon. His first job was a hairdresser for 15 years. He decided to search for another opportunity in something more challenging so he found a job as area sales manager in cosmetics. John then moved to Dubai as he found a good opportunity as travel agent.After Dubai John moved to The Netherlands and has lived here for 3 years and 5 months. His last job was Head Barista in European medicine agency in Amsterdam.

Ibrahim (Yemeni, 28 years old)

Ibrahim is from Yemen but he was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. He has Studied bachelor of architecture and master of project management in Malaysia. Currently, he is studying Dutch language and doing some volunteer jobs to get to know this country better. He is trying to participate in this wonderful society.

RefugeeForce Participants joining virtual Salesforce Meet-up

Shatha (Syrian, 31 years old)

After earning her Degree in Banking and Insurance from Damascus University, Shatha entered the banking sector to do internships in Syria and Overseas. She started her career as the executive secretary at Le Méridien, before moving on to The Netherlands. Currently, she is a volunteer as a bartender for Scagon theater. Outside that, Shata is passionate about dancing and now she enjoys sh’bam dance!

Kamel (Syrian, 29 years old)

Kamel has been a Syrian resident in the Netherlands since 2016. Before ending up in Holland, his life journey started in Dubai. After completing his primary and secondary education in the UAE, he moved to Syria where he pursued his education and achieved a graduate degree in Business Administration from Faculty of Administrative Sciences at the University of EBLA in Aleppo 2014 . However, by the unfortunate Syrian crisis, he had to move out of Syria and start a journey of hope from Turkey, ending up in Holland.

Akil (Syrian, 39 years old)

Akil is a self-motivated; goal orientated professional who aspires to achieve consistent levels of success. He is a 2019 MBA graduate with 13 years of international experience in three regions Asia, Middle East, and Europe within B2B, Marketing, Management, Consultancy, and Sales. His academic and professional experiences led me to develop strong analytical and critical thinking; problem-solving and proven leadership skills as well as soft skills that are great foundations for a professional. His multicultural background with excellent interpersonal skills which was crucial in my past projects in order to deliver the right solutions and results. His hobbies are reading, fitness and travel.

Rania (Palestinean, 37 years old)

Rania graduated from the University of Damascus as an Electronic and telecommunications Engineer and holds a master degree in Electronics engineering. She worked as project Engineer in Syria and as HR and training Specialist, Purchasing manager and lead project coordinator in Dubai UAE. She came to the Netherlands in March 2019 and is very interested in CRM and cloud computing systems.

Ahmed (Yemeni, 31 years old)

Ahmed is a student of international studies in Leiden University. His goal is to specialise in cyber security and to own a cybersecurity company.

Abdelrahman (Sudanese, 43 years old)

Abdelrahman is a Sudanese living in The Netherlands since he recognized a refugee in March 2014. Abdelrahman is a CEO and co-founder of the company Brilliant for Fair Business and Development, which imports and exports agricultural products, machines, knowledge and technology used in the agricultural sector.

Enass (Egyptian, 40 years old)

Enass has been in The Netherlands for 15 month. She has 20 years of experience in customer service. She was formerly the Head of Customer Service for Toyota in Dubai. She has experience with systems like SAP, fasttrack, and sprinkler. Since she is starting a new life in the Netherlands, she wants to start her with Salesforce as a transformation point.

Salima (Algerian, 34 years old)

Salima is driven by challenges and new learning experiences. She previously worked as customer service manager at Toyota in the United Arab Emirates.

After coming to the Netherlands, she took training at RefugeeForce to learn about the work environment in the Dutch community. The RefugeeForce environment, philosophy, vision & mission made her more keen to enter the Salesforce ecosystem

Suleyman (Syrian, 39 years old)

Suleyman is an ambitious and skilled all-round IT specialist with a lot of technical knowledge about various applications, systems and processes. In addition, I am social and I find it a challenge to achieve goals in a team. Properties that belong to me are; accurate, stress resistant, responsible, and perseverance.

Team Salesforce Exercises

Nizar (Syrian, 38 years old)

People know me as a goal-oriented and decisive person, I like to keep developing myself actively. With my positive attitude, I have overcome many obstacles in the Netherlands in the past 4 years. Due to my independent and inquisitive attitude I have developed various qualities. For example, I have independently learned Dutch and HTML & CSS skills. Now I am learning JS. I am also communicative and stress resistant. In the long term, I have set my sights on a position as an IT developer. Until then, I would like to gain experience in IT, to achieve my goal through company training.

Moustafa (Syrian, 28 years old)

I am a positive, passionate and down to earth person who is always looking for a challenge; not only in terms of work but also on a personal level. My biggest passion is travelling as this gives me the opportunity to experience other cultures and meet new people. I am also very interested in strategic and innovative topics as they encourage me to be creative. My life, international experiences, internship and extracurricular activities show that I am ambitious and always willing to work hard.

Serkan (Turkish, 41 years old)

Serkan has worked in various fields as a teacher, in public relations, ticketing & accounting, and as a school director. Since 2017, he has been unemployed. He is now busy with learning IT and Networking.

Mahmoud (Stateless, 35 years old)

Mahmoud has very good experience in the refugee field. Mahmoud received a diploma in refugees studies and has worked for a long time for UNRWA with refugees in different fields like health, education, sustainability, development, small business, peace and conflict and human rights. He is looking for a good job related to his experience.

Mohammed (Yemeni, 23 years old)

Leader, Geek about computers,Technologies, Highly qualified, dedicated, and multifaceted specialist seeks to face any challenge in the workforce. Demonstrated excellence in all facets of work, programming, troubleshooting. combined with string analytical, organizational, and technical proficiencies and outstanding communication and interpersonal skills. By moving to the Netherlands from India, learning the language, and launching and participating in non-profit initiatives, I demonstrate motivation, resilience, and dedication. I am now enjoying my current challenge in finding a new opportunity to build a better working world.




RefugeeForce invests in the skilled, motivated, and diverse asylum seeker and status holder population who struggle to find employment matching their interests, experience, and ambitions.

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