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RefugeeForce x NewMotion

During the fall of 2020, NewMotion became our latest recruitment partner seeking to onboard Salesforce talent in order to grow and develop internally within their engineering team. Our partnership was recently featured by the Salesforce Talent Alliance on LinkedIn Live. During this session, we shared our experience working together over the last few months to find Salesforce talent.

Start immediately. If I could do one thing different, I would have done it years earlier. Take the jump because it’s a great cause and you get really good talent. Don’t wait. — Tom van Eijl, Engineering Manager at NewMotion

How do we work with Recruitment Partners?

Our model is focused on leading companies who are willing to put words into action by investing in diversity, inclusion, and finding hidden talent.

What was especially impressive is that the candidates are relatively new to Salesforce but when looking at their resumes and business experience I was blown away — the candidates had really good resumes and really relevant business experience, which was evident in the interview process. — Tom van Eijl, Engineering Manager at NewMotion

In October 2020, Newmotion hired their first RefugeeForce alumni, Enass Ahmed, who brings years of experience in customer service to the team. She quickly skilled-up and gained direct experience during her first few months a as a full-time Salesforce Administrator, which allowed her to pass the Salesforce Admin Certification. This represents an ideal learning path for Salesforce starters who can learn directly from an experienced team.

Looking ahead to 2021

We look forward to our continued relationship with Newmotion to help them grow their Salesforce team. We are excited to welcome more like-minded organizations as recruitment partners — don’t wait!

Looking for Salesforce talent, reach out and we’ll gladly set up an intro call to discuss the possibilities of becoming a recruitment partner:




RefugeeForce invests in the skilled, motivated, and diverse asylum seeker and status holder population who struggle to find employment matching their interests, experience, and ambitions.

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