Arya’s Week 1

Arya’s journey on learning coding

What’s the best thing happened last week

i was totally busy to trying find a job but i was not happy with them. i tried bakery job and i went there one day for work but i see i don’t like to be a baker at least. i wanted apply for forklift driving license but it needed a lot of money. i wanted to be a kind of person in Coles stores to restock the shelf at night time but again i found i can not do that and …

What’s the worst thing happened last week

i could not practice enough and remember coding acknowledges which i had already.

What did you learn last week

Try to do what you like to do as a job if not, life can be like hell for you.

How did you feel last week

i was not happy at all but i just trying to hang there and focus on what i really like to do.

What is your goal this week

i am going to review a lot of things about HTML.



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