The US Government is the World’s Most Significant Impediment to Global Harmony

“The United States, not Iran, poses the greatest threat to world peace.” — Noam Chomsky

The blips on the map above indicate the locations around the globe where the United States presently has units of various special forces deployed. If you were able to get a closer look at the map, and could then count the blips, you would see that there are just over one hundred of them. If you look yet closer, you will also be able to tell that each blip is in a different country on the map. What this tells us is that the United States has sent its most highly trained soldiers into over one hundred countries around the world. For what purpose would they be there, you might ask? Admittedly, in some of the nations, they are likely in garrison, where they are stationed with much larger detachments of troops, like the 4th Mechanized Infantry Division that is presently deployed throughout Europe, holding posts set by the Marshall Plan just after the end of World War II and right at the beginning of the Cold War with the Soviet Union. The same goes for the detachments in the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand, and Japan. There may also be some serving as advisers to the armies of nations that are presently fighting armed rebels, like many of the African nations and some of the other Asian nations not mentioned before. These both may also apply to positions located in the Middle East. However, the majority of the blips represent locations where the US Special Forces Command is presently conducting active combat operations.

I do not want this piece to be about each military engagement that the United States has ever been involved in. I have already written such as piece, The United States Does not Run on Peace. What I really want this piece to be about is the thoughts and feelings that should be generated by the realization that Noam Chomsky is not wrong. In the twentieth century, no other nation in the world did more to mettle in the affairs of other nations than did the United States. No nation in the world was involved in as many regime changes as was the United States. No other nation expended more resources placing economic pressure on nations around the globe than did the United States. No other nation on the planet has as many troops stationed around the globe as does the United States. Historically, when a nation is at such point in their political development, the only direction for them to go is down. By the 1820s, the Spanish Empire was reduced to a mere fraction of its former glory, as the heart of its holdings in the Americas declared independence. The same happened to the other major European empires. By the 1960s, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, and Belgium had lost nearly, if not all, of their colonial empires in Africa. Those that did have lands left around the globe, were in the same position as Spain, who lost even more of its empire after the Spanish-American War, from 1898–1900. Their holdings were, at best, insignificant. In the coming years, where does this place the fate of the economic empire that the United States has built over the last century?

This empire that the United States has built, of course, began as a land based empire. Through conquest, theft, bribery, treachery, genocide, war, and many other dubious acts, the United States managed to stretch across the North American continent and various locals around the world. The only two significant losses that the United States has suffered are the Philippines, gained through illegal warfare and genocide, and the Panama Canal Zone, gained through espionage, bribery, extortion, political intrigue, and bloodshed. Since the end of World War II, the focus has shifted to trade expansion and the establishment of treaties that favor American businesses and products over those of other nations. Essentially, the United States has built and empire of duty free, or Free Trade, economic zones where it can dump cheap products and outsource manufacturing jobs to save money on labor costs and environmental regulations. Now, the US military has had a role in the construction of this global economic conglomerate, also. Any particular nation that does not wish to do business with the United States on the United States’ terms, usually runs the risk of having their leader killed, their government overthrown, or their country invaded bombed into the Stone Ages. The only difference is just that one sided trade deals, and blitzkrieg style attacks, have replaced annexation and imperial rule.

The pie chart above shows how much the United States has invested in the construction and enforcement of this global economic empire that they have built. Another key point to make about this monster that has been created is that the American people have also been incorporated into this empire, but as subjects. As it relates to the money defense of this accusation, the chart does most of the work. The money that the government spends on services for its people is a mere fraction of what it spends to maintain and expand its economic influence. Even further, as is well known, the benefit from the spoils of this empire are not evenly shared. The main purpose of this empire is not to build the economic power of the United States. It is to build the private wealth of a few of our richest citizens at the very top of our society. The rest of us are expected to die when commanded, live with what is handed out to us, and shut the hell up. Plain and simple, to use some Marine Corps phraseology, it is not for us to reason why, it is but for us to do and die. When we do manage to get the courage up to ask why, what happens? We run the risk of being locked up for one of a million unjust and heinous laws. We may also find ourselves in the hospital, having received a complementary beating for our troubles at the hands of the local police force. Worse, what scanty little job we have been able to get a hold of may be taken from us and shipped away and all because we had the audacity to ask for better pay. Worst of all, however, is the crap that gets thrown in our face to keep us from ever knowing that there is a problem in the first place. The crap we are delivered through our televisions, the lies that we are taught in our schools and places of worship, the poison put into our water, the fat in our food, the sports we follow, and the fallacious lies that infect the internet, are all designed to turn our eyes away from the screw job that is being pulled on us by our super wealthy overlords, and we are expected to like it.

Let us get back to the question of where this places the fate of American Empire, and add the question what happens next? For those of us that are awake, the answers to these questions should be fairly obvious; however, they should also be very worrisome. If the United States is responsible for the economic destabilization of over half of the nation’s on Earth, and it has used military force, of some sort or another, on that very same amount of nations, what happens when all that bad karma comes home? What happens when the nation’s that this government has swindled kill of the the United States’ interests out of their countries? Worse, what happens when they finally decide to pay back all of the military bullying? If one trade deal after another began to be rejected, the United States’ economy would crash in a way that it never has before. I say this because, at such a point, the poor and desolate would not be the only ones out of work. What was left of the Middle Class would be annihilated, and the uber wealthy members of our society would be screwed as they watched all of their debts get called in and the value of their money tank. The government would also have a very difficult time remaining open, as it would be without a tax base, rich or poor. Now that the economy has been smashed, to further alleviate the threat of the United States ever bullying them again, many of the nations that once suffered at the hands of US troops, will send their troops into the United States’ mainland to return the favor. More than likely, they will also divide its territory up into several smaller nations to prevent the Untied States from ever repeating past transgressions. The United States will be occupied territory, and the whole of the world will see it as a justified action because the United States made its own bed, and they will argue that it is time for them to lie in it. Further, with the United States broken up and its flagrantly arrogant exceptionalism no longer impeding international progress, the path to a single unified world government will likely be much smoother.

So, where would this all leave the average American citizens, who could ultimately care less if the rulers of this country destroy themselves? First, during the initial economic crisis, many people are simply going to die. The methods of death will vary from robbery or homicide to starvation, but the civil unrest that will result from the chaos will do a lot of damage to the civilian population. Those that manage to survive the economic hardships, will be further weeded through during the invasion and the subsequent military occupations. Those that did not die in the initial fighting, will die when they attempt to fight the occupation, or when they fall victim to more civil unrest and the martial law and brutal reprisals that follow. When peace and order are finally restored, the people that have managed to live through all of the chaos will find themselves living in a very different and fairly unfamiliar world. The nation that gave them birth, that provided a home for generations of their family, and that taught them everything that they would ever need to know about the world, would be no more, and it would never be coming back. They would have find a new home, adapt to a new set of national values, and begin learning and teaching their children how to survive in a world without the United States. Such will be the case, if we as a people are not able to gain control of the rains of power in this nation from the vice grip of the wealthy elite who are strangling it to death and setting it up for a global showdown. Those of us that are awake just need to have the courage to get the ball rolling, and those that have not yet awoken need to wake the hell up before it is too late. There is a global community out there that is waiting for us to take our fair place among them, but they are not going to wait for us forever…..but, perhaps, we find trial by fire more preferable.