How to Get Started with Regen Marketplace

Learn how to buy, retire, sell, and transfer ecocredits on-chain using Regen Marketplace. We’ve made it easy!

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3 min readSep 14, 2022


Regen Marketplace has officially arrived! Get ready for even more Marketplace features over the next couple of months, but for now, let’s start with core marketplace functionality. In this blog, we’ll explore how to buy, transfer, retire, and sell ecocredits.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Buying Ecocredits

Regen Marketplace offers two different approaches to purchasing ecocredits. The first is selecting ecocredits to buy based on the project they represent.

The projects page displays projects in thumbnails with key information like location and physical size of the project, as well as cost range and number of ecocredits available. Clicking on an individual project will redirect you to the project’s page, which serves to tell the story behind the ecocredits for sale.

This page will also display a table of sell orders available for purchase, which can be used to view sell order details, including available credits.

The second option for purchasing ecocredits on the Regen Marketplace, is to use the Trade section, which provides a full list of sell orders. It is broken down into a table like the one on the individual project page, but contains all sell orders for all projects.

This can be a good approach to purchasing ecocredits if you are most interested in purchasing credits associated with a specific credit class or with a high number of available credits.

Explore our guides for buying ecocredits or watch the tutorial on our YouTube!

Retire Ecocredits

Arguably the most important feature of the Regen Marketplace is the ability to retire purchased ecocredits to offset a personal or organization carbon footprint. This not only provides an outlet for a positive impact on the planet when harmful emissions cannot be avoided, but provides key funding to the Earth regeneration projects featured on Regen Marketplace.

While some projects require retirement upon purchase, some will allow manual retirement after a credit has been traded or sold. This means you could purchase ecocredits from a project you love preemptively, to be retired in the name of a carbon footprint yet to come.

Explore our guide for retiring ecocredits or watch the tutorial on our YouTube!

Transfer Ecocredits

On Regen Marketplace you can easily send available ecocredits to other REGEN wallets. Ecocredits can be sent as a tradable credit or sent (or gifted) as a retired credit.

Explore our guide for transferring ecocredits or watch the tutorial on our YouTube!

Sell Ecocredits

Finally, Regen Marketplace allows you to easily sell ecocredits in their portfolio. Ecocredits can be sold as a tradable commodity, or set to retire automatically upon purchase. Users may select these settings, as well as set the currency for the sale, when they create the sell order, which hosts their ecocredits in the marketplace.

Explore our guide for selling ecocredits or watch the tutorial on our YouTube!

Unlock Regenerative Finance

🎉 Congratulations, you’ve purchased on-chain ecocredits that support planet-saving land regeneration projects. Be sure to share your new carbon offset journey on Twitter and tag @regen_network to share your experience with our community.



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